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  1. Default Demon Slayer level 140 quest

    sorry guy just want to know some information on demon slayer quest

    i had a demon slayer reach level 120 i was wonder what is the level 140quest is about?
    i wanna know the story quest on the leve l140 but...

    im too lazy to get to 140 from 120..... if anyone had done the demony slayer quest to 140
    can you tell what happen why he when to temple of time what did he do?
    and what did he found out?

  2. Default Re: Demon Slayer level 140 quest

    I haven't done the quest but I know what happens.

    He meets Orchid there, Orchid put him in the egg and she's pissed that he betrayed the Black Wings, and then he collects 200 Black Wing Emblems from ToT mobs.

  3. Default Re: Demon Slayer level 140 quest

    so that how demon slayer turn into a egg? i see thank you
    but did he fight orchid? or she just ignore him like VL



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