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  1. Default Phantom's NX Weapon

    Is there exclusive cane nx for it?

    Will things like seraphims, alchemist weapons, kitty spirit, or seal cushions work on a cane?

    Or will it have that "Works on all weapons except Cannons, Dual Bowguns, and Canes" thing?

  2. Default Re: Phantom's NX Weapon

    I would like to know about this as well.
    From what I've seen in videos, I know that there is a phantom NX set that gives a red glow effect and ur character floats instead of walking.

    to be more specific
    I was following Imaginal's thread at Leafre
    quoted from Imaginal - "I'm wearing a Phantom Nx Set that includes The FLoating and The Three Cards effect."

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    Default Re: Phantom's NX Weapon

    Ooh that NX effect is pretty cool, i didn't know about that D:

  4. Default Re: Phantom's NX Weapon

    i just hope they actually release it the day phantom goes live.

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    Default Re: Phantom's NX Weapon

    I remembered there was a Bunny Caner NX weapon that had "cane" as an equip-able item.

  6. Default Re: Phantom's NX Weapon

    It's one handed... so I would expect all weapons that work with all one handed junk to work with it. Seal cushion, etc.



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