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Thread: [Magician] Luminous Skill Build

  1. Default Luminous Skill Build

    This build is only allowed to be posted in and It is not allowed to be posted anywhere else.


    1st Job

    2nd Job

    3rd Job

    4th Job

    Me. (Locked of Southperry, Rapptz of EllinForest)

    Feel free to critique or whatever.
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  2. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Thanks darling <3

  3. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Does luminious mages that choose dark side get "Light Magic Enhancement" in 2nd job? If they dont, wouldnt this make a decent difference in future jobs?

  4. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    They don't get it in 2nd job. The only difference I've seen from other people is that they get Dark Falling instead of Twinkle Flash and Dark Enhance instead of Light Enhance. That and different beginner clothes & medal with the same stats I believe.

    Light/Dark Enhance only gives 5% damage bonus when using Light or Dark skills. It doesn't really seem to be by a whole lot IMO.

    @Locked, Death Scythe in 3rd job doesn't get +1 SP automatically. The same goes for Apocalypse and Light Reflection in 4th job. That's what happened with mine, unfortunately I forgot to take an SS before adding SP for 3rd. :|.

  5. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    It was automatic in kMST. Not that it matters since it'd be kinda dumb if you didn't add it anyway, imo.

  6. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    What about link skills, are they still lvl 70?

  7. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Yes they are.

  8. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Went on kms to test this class and I would recommend everyone to pick darkness for first job. Why? Because if you pick light you will have a crappy dark mobbing skill in 2nd that is outmatched by a dark first job skill.

  9. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    You get that crappy dark mobbing skill regardless of what job you choose. In anything, if you pick darkness, you end up making that mobbing skilll stronger by 5%.

  10. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    In theory, everyone should be picking Light because its harder to hit cap with Light Reflection.

  11. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    It doesn't really matter that much for 2nd job, plus 5% at those levels means almost nothing really. I leveled from 1-75 all via Luminous storyline quests, practically didn't even "grind". Those quests give an insane amount of EXP. ~Lv 75+ is when your grinding will start if you do those quests.

    I'd say it's best to pick what you would prefer for end game, lower levels go by quick.

    A lot of times in 2nd job I still used Sylphid Lancer over Void Pressure even in Eclipse because it's so mobile. I could usually 1 hit everything I was killing with clean equips out of the event boxes.

  12. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    I know? But the first job dark mobbing skill is better, so you can end up using that instead of the 2nd job one=you dont have to use a bad skill through 2nd job

    What? How about I say it this way then, I hate mages, I cant stand playing one if they are slow or useless. In this case if you pick light you will be 10000x times slower in 2nd job because the dark mobbing skill is BAD (unless you wanna deal with the mass dark screen blinking) If you want to get this char done asap for link skill or what not, pick darkness because it gets you through 2nd job quicker than light does, even if you have to do the quest.

    in short: dark in 1st wins over light pre 4th job, light in 1st wins over dark in later levels.

  13. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Well, if you put it that way, "get it over with for the link skill", then yeah. I was speaking if you were to actually get it up there and play it, 5% Light damage would most likely be better.

  14. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    So, is it more worthwhile picking Light over Dark then? Even with the advantage in DPS that Dark gets?

  15. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    I can confirm that these skills have to be added manually upon 3rd job adv, however you get 4 skill points to use so it should look like this:

    60. 1 Nox Spear (1), 1 Spectral Light (1), 1 Death Scythe (1), 1 Party Meditation (1)

  16. Electron

    IGN: same
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: Arch mage I/L
    Guild: Benevolence
    Alliance: Xenophobia Polaris

    Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Hhm, in the GMS release we got extra skills, we didn't got to choose dark or light, hence i got both flash shower and abyssal drop, any recommendations?

  17. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    You get enough SP to max both, so it doesn't matter.

  18. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    in this build, twinkle flash has 20 total SP, in GMS it has 10, and then opposite (darkness skill) also has 10. So just split up the 20 into both skills and it should be fine :)

  19. Neutron Male
    IGN: Yugidude3536
    Server: Bera
    Level: 177
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Prospect
    Alliance: ComeAtUsBro

    Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    So to anyone who has played in gMS, what exactly is the change to Light/Dark? Do you not need to pick a side anymore?

  20. Default Re: Luminous Skill Build

    Pretty much. You get both bonuses in one skill now.



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