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Thread: [Pirate] Jett Skill Build.

  1. Default Jett Skill Build.

    This build is only allowed to be posted in, and It is not allowed to be posted anywhere else.

    1st Job

    2nd Job

    3rd Job

    4th Job


    Feel free to critique and stuff.

    I still hate all of you.
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  2. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Why max parrottargeting Mighty Meteor before Rapid fire? Wouldnt Maxed RF give a bigger damage boost?

  3. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    If Suborbital is the main training skill in 4th job why wait so long to level it up?

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    Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Still here I see :p

    Thanks for this build, I've been scouring the internet for something decent.

  5. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    I figured it'd be useful if you decided to use different skills. Might change it though.

    Because level 1 is enough for the time being while you add points to your damage skills.

    Not here for too long, I don't think. I was merely lurking around just didn't wanna post anything. If you googled "Jett Skill Build" the one on EllinForest would be the second result, at least in my end.

  6. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Why is High Life so.. high up in third job? Why not leave it until you actually needed, i.e. before Gamma Missile at the end? I don't really see NEEDING more HP, especially if you have a decent card deck (even one A set is fine).

  7. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    The ability to use less HP pots is welcomed by me.

  8. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    JETTs are too fragile, imo even with all that high life def buff (which is needeD)
    anyway I have to differ for ur 4th job build

    suborbital is important for leveling, thats what you want to max first, each level with 3 SP into it yields atleast a 10% increase in attack
    then u should max the buff skills that doesnt require books first
    so in this order
    120 - 3SP get Counter attack, suborbital, collateral damage
    then max counter attack and collateral then work on maxing suborbital
    if u dont have book for suborbital proceed and get dual dice to max (no book required)
    then if u still dont have suborbital book, get relentless to 10 (which also requires book)
    now ur at the point u need to get books but u have all the necessary buffs to proceed
    u shud be level 140 by now with 4-5 extra skill points

    do no get rapid fire or brain scrambler, those 2 skills should be maxed wayy later on like 155-165 levels, the bossing times

  9. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Mastery books do not influence how important a skill is, and should not be considered when making a build. The idea is that if you cannot get a mastery book when it is time to add more points into the skill, you move to the next one in order and then come back to the skill when you finally do pass the book. (Or you can save the SP if the next skill sucks / you know you'll have the book soon.)

    Here's the 4th job I would recommend for training:

    1 Point Wonders: Suborbital, Rapid Fire, Brain Scrambler (on advance)
    1 Point Wonders: Collateral Damage, Mighty Meteor, Relentless
    Optional: 1 Starfall
    Max Double Down -- Only 5 points
    Max Counterattack -- +11.25% dmg if hit every 4 sec, only 10 points
    Max Suborbital Bombardier -- +24.5% dmg at max vs. level 1
    Optional: Max Maple Warrior -- Depends on party members
    Max Relentless -- +8.9% dmg at max vs. level 1 (plus defense boost)
    Max Collateral Damage -- +6.4% dmg vs. non-boss (Assumes no +crit party buffs/items.)
    Max Rapid Fire -- +35.8% dmg at max vs. level 1
    Max Mighty Meteor -- +18.8% dmg at max vs. level 1
    Max Brain Scrambler -- Either this or Starfall... both are kinda useless?
    Max Starfall -- Can swap with Brain Scrambler

    Hero's Will -- Whenever you start bossing

    Note that the +% dmg boost from Collateral Damage decreases with the more +crit you have from items, party buffs, etc. Also assumes that "Critical Damage +10%" applies to both min AND max.

  10. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    You don't hate me, No body does.

    Also allowed on basilmarket? this is new. though it usually gets copied there anyway..

  11. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.


  12. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Why Brain Scrambler before Starfall? I thought it was better to just spam Rapid Fire.

    Also when you start to cap with Rapid Fire is it better to just spam Drone Blast or to toss Brain Scrambler in there too?

  13. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Drone Blast has more hits/second but it's harder to cap with.
    Brain Scrambler vs Starfall is whatever, both skills suck so it doesn't matter.

  14. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Why is drone blast maxed and gamma missile left unmaxed? I mean gamma is still used in 4th job for mobbing while drone blast is 100% useless after one point into rapid fire, no?

  15. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Drone Blast has more hits/second than Rapid Fire due to lack of Final Attack.

  16. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    I would probably leave Solar Array at 21 in favor of maxing Gamma Missile at 120. I feel like Gamma Missile is going to give you more utility in 4th job than Solar Array since Solar Array is mostly outclassed by Suborbital Bombardier whereas you never get a better mobbing skill than Gamma Missile.

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    Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    But Solar Array range is quite good to begin with and an excellent 3rd job skill. And it's not like you can't max Gamma Missile later in 4th job due to the lack of more Skills to put SP on.

  18. Default Re: Jett Skill Build.

    Drone Blast vs. Gamma Missile. Your choice.
    Personally, I only use GM to rush monsters.



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