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  1. Default Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    Hey, it's been a while since I've really read up on how this works.

    With the skill changes that have been made over the past patch, I've been trying to figure how to redo my SP on my Night Lord that I haven't logged into for quite some time. With Avenger gone, what skills replace it for training? Sudden Raid and what else?

    I'm also curious about how to do the SP on my new Mechanic, now that Physical Training is part of their skills. I've been adding SP, thinking mostly of the build Myles wrote up a while ago; but how does Physical Training factor into things now?

    Also- one last note. Can anyone tell me about the quest awarding a level 70 and up character with a 4th Job Mastery Book? Do you have to actually get up to level 70 and thus the quest is in-completable for my NL; or is the quest just plain entirely broken right now?

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    Default Re: Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    Night Lords.

    I'm not sure as to how reliable that guide is though.

    Training skill, judging by the WHOOSH sounds I keep hearing at Stronghold, is mainly Shade Split.

  3. Default Re: Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    For sins, I'd do:

    1 L7 > Max Haste > Max L7 > Max Dark Sight > Max Nimble Body > 1 Double Stab

    1 FJ > 1 Shuriken Burst > 5 Mastery > 6 Booster > Max Critical Throw > Max Physical Training > Max Mastery > Max Flash Jump > Max Shuriken Burst > Max Booster > 11 Gust Charm

    Maybe get FJ before Mastery if it turns out L7 is better than a weak Shuriken Burst

    1 Shade Splitter > Max Shadow Partner > Max Shadow Stars > Max Shade Splitter > Max Expert Throwing Star Handling > Max Enveloping Darkness > Max Alchemic Adrenaline > Max Venom > Max Dark Flare > Max Shadow Web > Max Gust Charm > 2 Triple Throw

    you can get Dark Flare sooner if you go to LHC sooner since that's the first place it'll be useful
    Venom is later because everything dies too fast to notice it
    You can push Adrenaline to the end if you use Elixirs

    1 Quad Throw, 1 Shadow Shifter, 1 Toxic Venom > 1 Sudden Raid, 1 Dark Harmony if you want an 11 Attack Buff that lasts for 93 seconds > Max Quad Throw > Max Dark Harmony > Max Claw Expert > Max Toxic Venom > Max Shadow Shifter > Max Purge Zone > Max MW > Max Hero's Will > Max Sudden Raid > Rest in Taunt

    probably the same as other guides i guess

  4. Default Re: Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    That's a pretty trashy build for 3rd, and I think 2nd could be better as well. I've primarily seen Assassins train with Shuriken Burst, not Wind Talisman since it has a spam delay and I believe it only traverses a straight line, and Shuriken Burst is a faster attack overall. I would at least recommend moving Shuriken Burst earlier, even if you're not going to max it. He prioritizes Expert Star Handling when 1 point in Shadow Partner is equal to 6 points in Handling for damage. He then proceeds to max a survivability skill after Shadow Partner. Do people actually still have trouble with dying? Shade Split already does such terrible damage, why delay it so long.

    If you intend to single target, Quadruple Throw before Dark Serenity is significantly better in 4th. Otherwise, it's a small increase for Shade Split to have Dark Serenity's 40 attack and 30% Defense Ignore..

  5. Default Re: Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    I'd never recommend physical training maxed so early, depending on ur funding only put as many points as you need for dex. I would prioritize mastery/fj depending if you need more mobility or more stable dmg to 1hit/2hit ko more often

  6. Default Re: Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    As helpful as the guy is on Basil, his post-Justice guide is simply horrible, to put it bluntly.

    Anyway, you'd mainly use QT on 1-2 mobs, Shuriken Burst for 3-4 mobs, and generally Shade Split for 5+ mobs sandwiched close together. Wind Talisman can be used sometimes for rushing purposes since it works in Theme Dungeon places like LHC, SH, Monster Park (which makes it instantly better than Ninja Storm), but like Ninja Storm, it doesn't work on bosses.

    For Mech's, it's no different actually. One of their 2nd job skills got lowered in mastery from 20 to 10 (can't remember which as I type this post up), so you should immediately have 10 points when you log on to put straight into Physical Training.

    The quest is available when you're 70+ and advanced to 3rd job/Hermit, I believe. I know the former is correct, not 100% sure on the latter.

  7. Default Re: Night Lord and Mechanic Skill Builds

    Gust or Wind Talisman I dont remember what it's called, but definitely put at least 1 point in early on because Shuriken blows up when it hits a mob and doesn't keep passing though so just use the talisman thing to mob em together and then use Shuriken. THe revamp came when I was already 130 so I never had use for it. I just used Lucky Seven. :P



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