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  1. Default Disconnected from maplestory after 30 seconds.

    Two days ago I lived at my old house. My set up was a modem and router, and maplestory worked fine.

    I moved into my grandmothers within the last 2 days. My internet provider applied my internet/tv package to my grandmother's house. I plugged in my old modem and router. I try playing maple, and I consistently get disconnected and MS closes itself after 30 seconds to 1 minute of play.

    I then bought a new modem/router combo, where it is both built into one. I set it up. I try playing maple, same exact thing.

    I then call my internet provider for some assistance. They send a guy out here about 2 hours ago. He replaces some coaxial cable, because the TV cords under the new house and running to the modem were over 8 years old.

    So he does that, and leaves. I try it just now, same thing. I did a speed test, I have 16 MB download, and 0.41 mb upload to the nexon servers, in San Jose.

    Weird thing is, I also experience weird just drops in data, where if im loading several web pages theyll slow to a crawl, stop, and then load everything real quick.

    Anyone got any idea whats wrong?

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    A quick google seems to indicate that it would be an issue on their end/their hardware, assuming that since you already tried most common troubleshooting tips and even had a tech come and replace the line. I'd contact them again and see if they can check their connection on their end.

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    The most frustrating part is that this is only happening with maple. Starcraft 2 and League of Legends arent affected at all. :/

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    Sounds like something with your ISP is affecting the packets being sent too and from maple. Or a port on your router might be blocked.



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