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    (I edited the thread title cuz the default looks boring :D)

    Hi, I'm xiiliea and I'm currently a lvl 81 Mercedes in El Nido in MapleGlobal (I'm from Singapore and I'm playing through a proxy). I can't remember the number of times I "quitted" MapleStory but that's how interesting it is for me to keep coming back :D Played in MapleSEA, MapleGlobal, and MapleSEA and MapleGlobal private servers before, so I know quite a lot about Maple :D

    Currently I'm playing a Mercedes and I really enjoy it because of the free healing (I don't even need to use mana potions anymore). I'm doing quests all the way as I got tired of grinding. Feel free to add me as friend and chat with me sometimes because El Nido is quite deserted and I feel lonely =\

    That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment :)

    Name: Sheila
    Age: 17
    Location: Singapore
    When I started playing Maple & what server: 2007 | MapleSEA/Aquila
    Other Games I play: Warcraft III / Dota 2
    Where I heard about SP: Can't Remember
    Reason for Registering: Been lurking here occasionally for years, finally decided to register :D
    Three interesting facts about me are:

    1) I do quests all the time instead of grinding
    2) I like to hide behind other characters in the monster carnival waiting room
    3) I'm a jump quest expert :D (although I am currently a bit rusty with it now)

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    Welcome to Southperry, madam.

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    Nice to meet you Sheila,

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    Welcome to SouthPerry, I hope you enjoy your stay~

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    Welcome to Southperry!

    This place is pretty cool!

    I've never known a person who wanted to play Maple Global in any country besides Europe.
    Well anyways good to meet you! Beware of ponies... They're all around you

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    Thx everyone :D

    I prefer mapleglobal to maplesea because I can get permanent cash items here (which happens once in a blue moon in maplesea), and everything is overpriced in maplesea, and I can get free nx by doing surveys etc :D (i only need some nx to cover those ugly +12stat hats)
    And for some reason I think its much cooler playing mapleglobal than maplesea

    And I will watch out for ponies xD

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    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.



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