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Thread: [Windia] B> Dragon Gauntlet.

  1. Default B> Dragon Gauntlet.

    Hi, as some of you might know I love collecting items that cannot be obtained anymore
    such as the Dragon Gauntlet. I've been looking for months but it's nowhere to be found.

    Does anyone happen to have one laying around somewhere? you'd make me really happy
    with selling it to me.

    Thanks in advance~

    And for the record, it's this:
    not this:
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    Fixed it with a link to the items instead.
    Thanks for telling me.

  3. Default Re: B> Dragon Gauntlet.

    Still broken.
    This is what you are looking for, right?

  4. Default Re: B> Dragon Gauntlet.

    Odd that yours does work, but thank you for clearing it up.
    I don't get why my images/links won't work.



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