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    Default Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    I see alot of complaining (Especially on Southperry) about Nexon's constant addition of new classes and constant/endless revamping. but I don't think adding classes is a problem. I think the way the game itself is layed out is the problem. people shouldn't be begging for content. by now it should already be there. what I think needs a revamp is the way that MapleStory itself is layed out.

    The way that Maple is now is nothing more than an endless grind and there isn't much else in the way of content. I don't think PQs in the typical sense alleviate this

    And that's what this thread is About, Suggest revamps for existing content as opposed to classes or additions to the game.

    My suggestions are as followed.
    Megaman X/ZX styled areas/instances.
    Group Instances (Megaman X styled) Start from the left, make your way right, having obstacles and paths that only certain classes can go through/get around,levers in certain spots to allow the rest of the party to follow. mobs only certain classes can hit/kill/stun.
    depending on your armor type (Thief,Warrior,etc) the mobs inflict different amounts of damage on you. that way Warriors are tanks,Mages are Glass cannons ,etc. Make Certain Classes be limited in the damage they can do to certain mobs (In exchange for a warrior to be able to take 10 hits their damage gets cut by 75%) , on the boss make it so parts of the body can only recieve damage from certain job types (Mage,Pirate,etc. To clarify not specific jobs (phantom,evan,BaM) )
    revamp the layout for Areas like Leafre, make more puzzles/Puzzle quests, requiring you to move or hit certain objects inorder to progress ( as opposed to have 95% of maps open by default ) , Bring back Hidden Streets (No Indicator of a hidden door at all) Within them have certain unique shops,quests, dungeons ,mobs. Make a limit to entering them per day and make it so lets say you enter a HS in Ludi, it'll take you to one of 5 Ludi Hidden Streets.
    for Ludi you'd have a total 20 Hidden Streets and there would be four different areas , if you're in one quarter of ludi and enter a HS you'd be sent to one of that quarters 5 HS.

    Give mounts a purpose, Make certain areas accessable only with a mount, Make it so a mount's speed is added to whatever your speed is.
    When doing a Solo Instance make it so your job's skillset determines the path you take, allowing you to recieve specific items from that path (preferably items that only other classes can use (Promoting trade) )
    Give people a real purpose to be OP. have mobs scale according to your damage, if you hit harder they can take more hits but also give more exp accordingly.
    Also Make it so that the faster a boss is killed, the more drops it gives, encoraging people to fight in groups as opposed to soloing.
    Solo = less drops but it's all yours.
    Group = Free for All/Whatever method your group decides but more drops = higher chance of getting what you want.
    These are just a few things I think should be revamped.

    Mind you, these are just my Ideas and as such they can be flawed/misinterpreted.

  2. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    I think it be cool the higher level your character, the bigger it gets.

  3. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Or atleast show some form of age. Level 200=80 year old? Requires a cane (Not the Phantom one) and moves 20% slower.

  4. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    More dynamic maps, passive rewards or skills that are better the longer you'e played the game (on account, not character).
    Random events would be fun. Additional rewards for training with guildies/buddies.
    Inter-server PQ waiting room. Instanced PQs.

  5. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    I think they should keep all their skills and everything, but double their potential or something. It be kind of cool to end off as a godlike warrior or something

  6. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.


  7. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Pretty much, kind of like how those star wars games/fable did it. You chose which way to go and your character started to form an angelic or demonic persona. I'm thinking a warrior will start looking like a fire emblem character

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    Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    dibs on haar!

    kinda OT: but isn't this pretty much what has been going in that other thread, about nexon accepting suggestions?

  9. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Mob Revamp.
    Storyline: The Black Mage has revived and has given the mobs their power back!!!
    Or something like that. We know how in the past the mobs were much stronger than they are now so make them recover their strength (or at least partially).
    Make it so that regular mobs have at least 5x the HP they have now and also give much better experience.
    Also, give them better drops instead of just their regular etc.

    Mastery Books Revamp.
    Bring back Skill Books but instead of having to kill specific boss or whatever make them available through quests.
    ie: Shadow Shifter is available by passing a quest that makes you have to avoid falling rocks.
    Similar for Mastery books 20/30. Also make them 100% chance of passing.
    If not for every book at least most class specific books.

  10. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    The only mechanic I would change is adding 10 second pot cooldown everywhere. This would make squishy classes actually feel squishy and make them more aware of what's around them and not ramboing blindly into a mob spamming pots. This would also put an importance on defense/survival and not just damage... Then I would get rid of % based healing pots and jack up the prices on regular pots... this'll make people think twice about "tanking" with a class that should break apart like thin wet tissues.

    EDIT: And add a cooldown on Bishop's heal.

  11. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    I agree on the potion cooldown thing, but that alone would never work, especially against bosses.
    The goal on squishies is simply having enough HP to survive unavoidable attacks, with global pot cooldown and no other adjustments half the classes in the game would lose all ability to survive bosses.

    Also, bishops don't need even MORE nerfing, a good number of their skills already have "decent" versions. >_>

  12. Won't Be Coming Back Straight Male

    IGN: Promothian
    Server: Siel
    Job: Spiritmaster
    Guild: Siel_Seals
    Alliance: Aion

    Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Or simply remove unavoidable attacks. Make it so bosses require you to actually move,lower their HP, but increase ACTUAL difficulty. Maple is capable of doing this,it's a matter of them wanting to do this. hit detection isn't that bad, CWKPQ proved that, for example with Zakum make it so that the platforms only can be stood on for a set limit of time before they dissapear and respawn, then add an attack that hits everyone on the ground,then the next platform,then the next, then the last one , same attack 5 times with two second intervals. that way you'd have to make your way up to avoid dying on a squishy class, since warriors (Usualy) have less mobility they'd be able to take lets say 3 of the 5 hits, so they wouldn't have to dodge them all, meanwhile other would lose 60-90% of hp from just one hit like that.

  13. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    The ability to grow a mustache & beard.

  14. Won't Be Coming Back Straight Male

    IGN: Promothian
    Server: Siel
    Job: Spiritmaster
    Guild: Siel_Seals
    Alliance: Aion

    Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.


  15. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Quest based leveling all the way from 1-200, reduced EXP tables.

    Bosses with telegraphed attacks you actually have to dodge instead of undodgable attacks and loldamage reflect, which you can't even see them cast because everyone's attack animations and damage is covering them.

    Lasers for every class.

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    Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Zakum spamming 1/1 would kill everyone if a 10 second pot cooldown was implemented. Not that I think it's a bad idea, it would just need some tinkering with the way bosses work.

  17. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    10s pot cooldown is the worst idea I've ever read. What drugs are you guys smoking?

  18. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    A combination of pot cooldown with some game mechanic tweakings could work. Remove the Bullpomegranate mechanics like 1/1 and inability to pot at bosses, make the attacks easier to spot and dodgeable by movement instead of just pure luck/avoidability. It could work.

  19. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    I'm sick of being able to kill everything in one hit. Tripling monster HP would be fine. Triple the exp as well, to keep the exp:hp ratios the same. Then increase the drop rate by 3.5x - an extra .5 to compensate for monsters actually having the ability to fight back against the majority of players.

    Increases in the exp given by quests. And more quests altogether. I want questing to be a viable way of gaining levels.

    No more of this "splitting skills into this weird multi hit" crap. Just punch the damage cap in the balls and be done with it. I do not, for instance, want to see my ONE super arrow (Snipe) hit 6 pineappleing times.

    Heavy nerfs to damage formulas, then nerf monster HP accordingly. The game is becoming inundated with large numbers and it's causing weird workarounds on the more powerful bosses (Empress healing herself x amount of times, for one).

    No more class revamps that consist of ONLY buffs. There is too much power creep in this game and it makes me sad.

    A lot of other things I WOULD post have already been posted. :(

  20. Default Re: Game (Not Class) Revamp Suggestions/Ideas.

    Did anyone else start writing in a calm mood, only to get angrier and more frustrated as the post progressed? Because I did. The slow rage is clearly visible in the writing. Sorry about that. There's just ... so much wrong.

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