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    Discuss your favorite teams, change ups, the MLG and future tournament standings and how you feel season 2/ pre-season 3 will go in favor of who. Or just general chat about the other teams.

    Current topic: TSM takes MLG Anaheim. How do you feel that this team did and why did CLG not take it all the way home, and the future of MLG events due to the current standings, Korean & Taiwan team upsets.


    I personally felt that TSM should have won their Initial game with CLG. But they dropped the ball too much in Game 2&3. There was no excuse for them because of how well their game 1 went. And lol @ Xpecial and his ult fail that ruined their game 3. Not wasting the Ultimate and the summoner spells he says. I also feel if CLG just keeps up their hard work they'll be able to beat TSM flat out, yet I think the Rainman right about now is eating his words. TD did exceptionally well and Curse EU and NA needs to step up their game if they want to be anything in Season 3. Right now it looks like it'll be TSM, TD, CLG NA/EU, TSM EVO, wWw, and Nameless going to be the top teams in the world by their respective standings.

    The Asian standing is strong, with the Japanese Teams still not able to do anything but illegitimately play on the SEA servers. Taiwan Assassins proving to be a strong upset against the other SEA based teams. Taiwan also looking to be super strong this year. Yet wWw still seems to be #1 in Asia, with TSM being #1 NA, and CLG EU #1 in EU. Asia seems to still have a struggle for #1 with Europe and NA pretty much set for who their #1 for the season is.

    Doesn't appear to be any future teamswaps, but with the Sub for Voyboy for CLG, it seems that he would become very popular in the future and may even be a swap from CLG if they don't hold on to him. He could be a good contender for a team of his own or even Curse, due to rumors speculating that he was offered to come to Curse NA for a sum of money and a house and home yet these rumors have yet to be confirmed.
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    Ok, two things since you're singling me out in huge, bolded, underlined, and italicized font. I wasn't even thinking about closing this because it's a thread that I think should exist, and for the love of god stop incorrectly using >.

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    But I like using > incorrectly to bug you. It's a sign of my affection and love towards you.

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    Dynamic is my favourite NA team, is my favourite EU team, MiG Blaze is my favourite Korean team. Can't choose between Taiwan Assassins and World Elite. is the only team I outright hate btw due to ahem players.
    Thought Westrice was going to

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    That's news for me that Westrice was going to Curse.NA.

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    lol@anyone who thinks there's a possibility of CLG dropping Voyboy this soon after the three team swap.

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    Never meant that they would be dropping voyboy, but that their sub would be eyed by a lot of different teams. It's still partially early in the season.

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    As far as TSM vs CLG.NA at Anaheim went, I think TSM made a few simple mistakes that let CLG keep it close. After seeing how dominant they were against them in that first best of three game, I don't think anyone was shocked that they won in the end. It was far more shocking the CLG even put up a fight. TSM has now proved multiple times that they are the top team in NA, and did so even more convincingly this tournament than any other. The only serious competition seemed to come from CLG.EU, and while some might argue CLG.NA has proven to be just as much a contender, I don't agree, but that's a matter of opinion.

    Speaking of CLG.EU, they continue to perform well, but they've still got some more work to do. I feel like TSM was just too dominant this tournament for them to really shine, but they, and TSM.Evo are waiting in the wings to take front stage as a dominant force in LoL. Wickd and Froggen remain strong, but apparently just couldn't quite manage to carry through against the NA teams. Still, they have done very well against TSM in the past and they are by no means pushovers, so I expect to see them as strong contenders at the Season 2 championships.

    TSM.EVO was knocked out surprisingly early, and much to I think everyone's disappointment. They are just a small step away from being a consistent Top 3 team imo. I feel like WingsofDeathx needs some more experience, and that Salce needs to get back to carrying status for them to reach that though. Nhatphromoo can only do so much after all. Still, we've seen how Doublelift carried CLG.NA, so perhaps Aphromoo can get to that point as well. I think by the Season 2 championships they'll be contenders, but we may not seem them fully bloom until Season 3.

    Curse.EU is strong as well, but they seem to suffer against NA teams. Depending on the way Season 2 is seeded, we could see them in contention, but at the moment, it feels like there are too many NA teams that could knock them out of the running.

    Speaking of Curse, I'd be remiss not to talk about Curse.NA. I feel like they just keep hanging around the edge of being a top team. Always in the 4th or 5th place, but just not quite able to get to that top tier of NA teams. I hope that the addition of Saint will help them get there, but whether they'll manage to do that before the Season 2 championships is unclear.

    Team Dynamic shows that they are a top team, but they're still not quite there yet. I don't think it'd be too surprising to see them place second in a major tourney, but I don't believe they can take the Season 2 championships unless they up their game some. There are just too many teams who seem to have some idea how to deal with them. Perhaps they'll do better if more EU and Asian teams are involved, but even with their impressive rise into the tourney scene, I feel they are somewhat lacking compared to some of the other top tier NA teams.

    Touching on Dignitas, they are always a contender, but the top lane swap will continue to hurt their chances. They used to be able to rely on Voyboy to win his lane and force a jungler to camp top, allowing their other lanes and jungle to do work, but I think with the change, they're still figuring out how to deal with Crumbzzz top. He's a good top and all, don't get me wrong, but there is still a gap that has limited them. Obviously they're still good enough to place top three, but I feel like they need a little more time and practice to really get back into the dominant force they once were.

    As for CLG.NA, I feel like HotshotGG is a worse jungler than Saint was, and until we see them in a tourney with Voyboy on their roster, we can't know for sure how good they are. I know everyone is praising Hotshot, but he remains a pretty limited jungler. People keep on arguing that he stole that baron from TSM, but OddOne wasn't even able to smite it because he was out of the baron pit. That was more of a TSM facepalm than him doing anything special. His Naut jungle was kind of meh, as was his Shen. Not terrible, but a far cry from the jungle Saint was able to do, and still way below what any other jungler main can do if left unchecked. I feel like all TSM needed to do was force him into a jungler that he wasn't comfortable in, and they would have won far more easily. Unfortunately with only 3 bans, that was pretty hard to do. I think if it had been 4 bans per team, we'd have seen a 2-1 TSM win or even a 2-0.

    Lastly I'll talk about MTW.NA. I really wanted them to do well this tournament, as I enjoyed their team back when they were simply Goose, but they got knocked out so early. They are an interesting team with all sorts of odd strats and ideas, as well as some pretty interesting team members. Seeing Atlanta on Yi or their Jarvan/Leona kill lane was lots of fun, and I hope they can be top tier contenders in the Season 2 championship, which is possible if the EU and Asian teams can't handle them. Assuming they make it there of course, since it seems they can't quite get out of the shadow that many of the top tier NA teams cast.

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    A lot of other teams have members that have to balance out going to school and practice ― Voyboy couldn't play because of exams since he's still gr 12, Dynamic are pretty much all in high school, etc. There's loads of young players. Honestly, I'd be disappointed in or TSM if they did badly in a tournament because they have gaming houses. I'm wondering how will do whenever they get theirs.

    And is pineappleing boring to watch ― LOLOL SPLIT PUSH ALL DAY ERRY DAY. They play it safe and wait for the enemy team to make mistakes to capitalize on them, rarely making those "big plays" themselves. Voyboy really clashes with their style imho. I can't even look at r/lol anymore with all the circlejerking.

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    r/lol has become a joke. Most of them fap to HSGG whenever he comes in proclaiming him the god of jungling. SV & Odd One still smokes him in and out.

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    SO TSM Again proves that they can dominate, and even says GESL was shi'tty. Welp, Time to see when they'll branch out to TSM EU.

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    CLG #1.


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    Not flaunt your fanboy d'ick thread, it's more like talk about other teams.

    SGS Vs. TPA

    This was one amazing game.
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    I'm glad NintendudeX got kicked. He was a plantain, and Rain Man being drafted that was...Odd.

    Mother of God, TpA got their asses kicked.

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    L0cust kicked from Dignitas.

    EDIT : the DontMashMe and Patoy Monomaniac.Dominatus combo has broken up as Patoy is now Dignitas' support
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