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  1. Default Damage Boost from Skills

    As per the title, I would like to know regarding the following skills:
    Ring of Ishtar(Strike Dualshot +25%)
    Legendary Spear(Leaf Tornado + 30%)
    High-Kick Demolition(20%)
    Rolling Moonsault(50%)

    1:Are the bonuses Additive or Multiplicative?
    2:How does High-Kick Demolition and Rolling Moonsault Stack?
    3:How high does Legendary Spear lift you?
    4:How high does Rolling Moonsault Lift you?

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  3. Default Re: Damage Boost from Skills

    valhala556 is wrong.
    The bonuses are all multiplicative except for a few exceptions such as Greed being additive.
    I'm not sure if the effects even stack or if it's one of those skills that override it though.
    Not sure about 3/4.

    Isn't this better suited for Maple Q&A?

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    My bad on the first one. And for the second I though they meant if you can chain Moonsault and Demo kick someway together. but if your talking about bonus I dont know. if Moonsault bonus is less than max demo Kick bonus then they stack. If not then they may or may not.



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