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  1. Default Enhancing to 12th star

    I used the search function, but I couldn't find anything about this.
    My weapon has 11 stars atm and I'm trying to enhance it to 12 stars.

    Does AEE have higher % of working than normal EE scrolls?
    Tradable EE and AEE scrolls say it has a 10% chance of working, but untradable ones say 5% or lower which made me doubt.
    Does anyone know more about this before I run out of wards?


  2. Default Re: Enhancing to 12th star

    My understanding is that:

    Regular EE: after 8 Stars the enhancement rate is 5%, regardless

    Advanced EE: After 10 Stars the Enhancement rate is 5%, regardless.

    I do not believe it should matter but dont quote me unless someone has a SS of a AEE saying otherwise.

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    Default Re: Enhancing to 12th star

    Even if it's 10% it's not worth it, if you're using cash shop Shielding Wards.
    More cost-effective to use that NX to cube your other gear, unless it's all godly already.

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    Default Re: Enhancing to 12th star

    and this, the numbers are correct afaik on the %success chance.

  5. Default Re: Enhancing to 12th star

    Nope, I had some untradable protection scrolls left.
    Ran out, hit 0/47 EE scrolls .



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