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  1. Default MapleStory Timelines

    We are working on a new feature to address the endless question of "What's changed since X" - Timelines.

    In the Calendar section we're adding a calendar for each locale of MS we support, and will be recruiting editors and soliciting contributions from regular users.

    1. Congrats to @Rayquaza2233 on promotion to an (albeit low ranking at the moment) administrator so that he can manage this program.
    2. Congrats to @Sarah on volunteering to be the first editor, for GMS.
    3. Semi congrats to @Link on maybe having volunteered to be the first editor for JMS. Still need elaboration from him on that.
    4. New forum for this endeavor is located - Here. Instructions and further info forthcoming.

  2. Neon Atom
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    Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    I'd say a 21 gun salute to the new addition. Should be interesting to see how the section all pans out until we have everything to date.

    Should be interesting seeing we have a fair bit of content to run through going as far back as beta stages of all three at the moment. That would be assuming you want every niggly detail on what paths each version took to what we know of today.

    Only question would be if we will see the inclusion of the relatives of the global service with MapleSEA and the European Service?

  3. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    What are you trying to ask here?

  4. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    He wants to know if you're going to make calendars for MSEA and EMS. He called them "relatives" on IRC too; I'm not sure why. I guess they're all technically relatives.

    To the community: First order of business for GMS is to get any old event/patch addition images with respective dates and I'll start popping them in. I made it clear to Eos that my intent is to mostly work as an intermediary, someone he knows won't vandalize the calendar, so this is really dependent on community support.

  5. Neon Atom
    IGN: Hellstinger
    Server: Broa
    Level: 250
    Job: F/P Archmage
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    Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Thanks Sarah.

    Some of us ancient maplers remember when global service and MapleSEA were part of the same English beta.

  6. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    nice, I like this idea.
    Can't wait to see it when it's finished

  7. Default

    That would depend entirely on people being willing to fill them out and support / contribute to them.

    Just remember we're looking for this to be a timeline of important events and changes (changes to the UI, additions of worlds, new classes, new areas, beta beginning/ending, europeans being kicked out and welcomed back), not every time they released a gachabox and 2x, that's what the other calendar is for.

  8. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Well, I can sort through all of that. It's easier to get people to submit whatever than can find instead of trying to give them parameters and make them doubt their potential contributions. So give me whatever you've got, guys.

  9. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Will this include community highlights? Such as first level 200 KMS/GMS etc.

  10. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Nope. It's a timeline, not an almanac. You can't shove every ounce of trivia in the universe there, if you could even prove half of it down to the date.

  11. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    I'm still not entirely clear on what exactly we're doing, but yeah, I don't mind doing it. If it's anything like what I've been doing here, then it should be no issue what-so-ever. The forum for it makes me confused, though. xd

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    Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    problem is how can you get reliable info from the beginning of the game? if i remember correctly all that is deleted from nexon's site. and the only thing remaining is word of mouth.

  13. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    This thread might help for patch dates and info:

  14. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Well, I submitted to Sarah two screenshots that I took around the time MTS was implemented. They are separated by 4 days based on "last modified date" and it's coherent (same char, same level) and MTS suddenly appears in the UI. That's not 100% confirmed proof, but it's quite close.

  15. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Didn't some basiler do this? 'What came when in GMS' or something like that.

  16. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    So, basically, this.

    @Sarah, I think most of your work has been done for you.

  17. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines


    He could help you out. He does have an account here.

  18. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    This is awesome. It seems like it's missing some stuff, though. Also, thanks Shidoshi. But please don't PM me regarding this. There's a subforum down at the bottom of the maple-related forums.

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    Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Eh.... Stuff on the GMS website seems to go back to October 2005. (About 6 months worth of updates are missing, but judging by the content I've looked through... not much happened during that time.)

    example: some of the earliest "important" GMS stuff.

    I sadly find this kind of thing really entertaining and wouldn't mind digging through all of the old posts on Nexon's site to pull out all of the important updates. When there's a set format for contributions I'll dig through more of it and post it properly. x3

  20. Default Re: MapleStory Timelines

    Similar, but a little less detailed really. More the broad strokes of important stuff. Not necessarily every fluff update, but a list of key changes and milestones.



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