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    How come JMS' calendar only goes back to 2009? o.o I haven't looked up/recovered data from before July, 2008, but JMS goes back to September or so, 2003 (Official release).

    Edit : Aha. I found a good source :

    10/17/2003 = End of Open Beta, start of official release. Time to start deciphering shiet.

    Edit #2 : Information collected so far :

    JMS update info

    A lot of information gaps seem to be present. For example, I can't locate the Karin and Sumomo world implementation updates as well as the update in which Showa was added.
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    default calendar range is 2009-2015 when they're created and no one had manually set it to anything else.

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    FYI Justin

    Karin was added On May 28, 2004
    Sumomo was added on March 23, 2005

    Source: Japanese Wikipedia メイプルストーリー page and the official JMS website

    Showa was added December 8, 2004.

    Hideout was added July 6, 2005. THE DAY before I joined JMS. Mass experience from Hermits started around this time too since BGA and BGB were affected by SHADOW WEB. Many players that abused this were banned later on.

    In fact, the Main JMS page has update pages archived SINCE THE BEGINNING.. Archive begins from January 8, 2004

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    If @Link and @TKWizard are both OK with it I could just add the latter to the JMS calender editor list.

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    Nah. That's FAR too tedious to go through.



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