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    Default Sad Robot Amumu skin has global laugh

    After seeing TSM TheOddOne test out the new Amumu skin this afternoon on stream (and finding out that he has global laugh + spamming that emote to the chagrin of the opposing team ), I had to try this out. It was way too funny to not pass it up.

    Apparently the opposing team could hear it too starting at the beginning of the game. The support Nunu on my team could even hear the laugh from anywhere (excluding being around me), and was reacting every time I used the laugh emote.

    While this is incredibly funny, I have a feeling this is more of a glitch/bug and may be fixed in the next patch. Other champions' laugh emotes do NOT have a global range, lol. Seriously, this is more OP than Teemo's global taunt.....

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    Default Re: Sad Robot Amumu skin has global laugh

    haha that's hilarious.
    I wish Cassiopeia's laugh was global, that'd creep everyone out.



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