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  1. Default [1.2.177] Windbreaker class

    I've already made all of this information public already only due to recent events.

    You can see the Windbreaker morph here.

    Also, since I make a lot of comparisons to the traditional class versus the cygnus class, I will be using new terminology to distinguish them. In all cases where I write a C prefix (C-Hurricane, C-Thrust, C-Arrow Blow) I'm referring to the Cygnus implementation. If I'm using a T prefix (T-Hurricane, T-Thrust, T-Arrow Blow), I am referring to the traditional implementation. This will greatly simplify the work for me to distinguish the two.

    Skill icons changed

    Windbreaker first job - 윈드브레이커의 기본

    Windbreaker Second Job - 윈드브레이커의 기술

    Windbreaker third job - 윈드브레이커의 길

  2. Default

    That's sexy :D!
    -can't wait to see more-

  3. Default

    You should take a break on your birthday.

    The male morth doesn't really look as good as the female. I don't like the hair really.

  4. Default

    The world doesn't stop on my birthday. I don't either.

    However, Saturday will be met with a bottle of Hawaiian Punch and Everclear.

  5. Default

    ooh~ have fun with that, and happy birthday!

    btw, is the fire mage data complete in the 2 more classes thread? Im really interested in that fog like skill with fire and gears. In the one vid on the korean teaser site the mage used those gears and set some black kents on fire.

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    Happy Birthday again Fiel!

    AHHHH. The male morph looks like shyt.
    Last edited by Mashi; 2008-11-14 at 08:16 PM.

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    happy birthday fiel. you can take your time with thread, we're all happy your back extracting.

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    The hair kills the male morph, and in a way, the female's hair isn't too good either. short hair sux lololol

    Males should have gotten a long wavy type hair and females should have gotten Irinia's sexy hair.


  9. Default

    Hey don't bash our Archer chick. She's way hotter than the other 4 archer job instructors.

    Which once again begs me to ask the question, "Why are all archer NPCs female?" But that's getting off topic.

    All I've got to say about this is that this job is REALLY awesome, they've got some nice new skills and mixed out a lot of the bad skills like Arrow Blow.

  10. かっか! Straight Male
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    The 4th job archer instructor isn't female...

  11. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Can't wait to see the rest.

  12. Default

    Hey I'm not bashing the archer girl. Irinia's a babe.

    I'm just bashing the choice of hairstyle they gave the transformations for windbreakers.

  13. Default

    Thanks for the morphs Fiel and happy birthday too!

  14. Default

    happy birthday and thanks!

    hawaiian punch <3 but everclear <./3 get something tasty so you can be a happier drunk!

  15. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
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    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    And vent? Because I can so imagine that all over again.

    Interesting though, how they came up with an archer morph.

  16. Default

    i think it's due to the fact that many important mythological goddesses are archers (diana, athena, nymphs, etc.) and i believe the forest (which is the "archer place") is magical when it's dealt with female. actually there are many myths that was dealt with beautiful female (a lot are followers of athena + diana, the virgin, archer goddesses) in the forest

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    What it's weird about Wind Breaker is that, at 3rd job they get Strafe + Hurricaine. Wouldn't Strafe be useless? I may be wrong, but I think Hurricaine completely replaces Strafe...

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    amazing :D

    so most of the new skills in the windbreaker are knockback skills that do also damage.. nice :3

    now only the sin is left :D



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