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    I want to make a perfect dual bow gun with the anniversary scrolls (7-8 w.att) and sadly they only have 20% chance of working while if they fail the scroll will the destroy the item with 100% chance.

    So my question is, can you use shielding ward and white scroll at the same time or do I have to use pam songs to recover the lost slot?

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    You can use shield ward with white scrolls, when using a protect scroll with whites in your inventory it will ask you if you want to use one, say no and when using the 20% scroll say yes.

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    You can use both.

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    Ah cool thanks, the reason why I was unsure was because.. in most cases when you use a cs item to scroll things it usually have a different "scrolling box" than normal scroll and I've never used one before.

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    shielding wards work exactly like protection scrolls, only difference is protects didn't cost 11k NX a pop <.<

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    It might be cheaper to find someone selling protection scrolling services.
    Of course, make sure they are trustworthy.

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    Its ems and we will probably get our "trade nx feature" back eventually + mercedes isnt out yet but I dont expect nexoneu to release miracle scrolls for dual bow gun as they didnt do it for the blade weapon or w/e its called.

    Im not gonna waste 15k nx per scroll, Im not that rich irl.

    its going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG term project.

    Edit: I wasnt aware of this protection scroll before now but that scroll only comes from cygnus, afaik if you enter empress map in ems you will be told by a gm to go out. There have been so many hackers trying to abuse her and nexoneu just decided to remove everything that she drops untill legit people can actually kill her/the knights.



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