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  1. Cash7 Rank the Ability potential of Nebulite

    for weapon.
    1. boss damage
    2. % def ignore.
    3. % crits.
    4. %matt/%att;
    5. %total damage.
    6. %stats.

    what is the most useful one other than boss damage for nebulite atm?
    sometime I feel like %matt or %att is better than def ignore, which a lot of people argue it is better.
    also, with me having 51% crits, having more crits will certainly help. it increases damage 146% for each critical.
    so hard to decide.

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    Default Re: Rank the Ability potential of Nebulite


    that's pretty much how i see them

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    Default Re: Rank the Ability potential of Nebulite

    Take whatever is best for Potential and apply it to Nebulites.

    All the Nebulite system is, is a "Gem Socket" version of the "Potential Line" we have today...



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