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  1. Default Hackshield Update Error:0x3000ffff(805371903)

    Ive never once gotten this problem, but recently, after the Alliance Eternal patch, I have been getting it.
    Picture :
    At first, I was confused, I restarted my computer and everything else, yet it still gives me the error, My anti virus doesn't seem to be causing the problem. I googled around for some solutions and people just state that they fixed it, not posting what they actually did. I googled around, and i found ayumilove's website, she was like a big uploader of 4th job videos on youtube before they came out if anyone was around at that time.
    Solution 2 does work, but It stops at times, and its quite annoying. I have the setup for v 109, but if there is anything i can do before that, I'd like to know. Thanks in advanced.



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