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    Default 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    Well me and 2 of my friends got an idea to make 3 magicianss on another servers (i/l, f/p and cleric). Apparently there's that 1+1 event on again, except I found out something odd:

    I used the pot when I got lvl 30 and the pot disappeared after 5 levels... I could swear that last event it took you to around level 42, when you used it on the char you got it on.

    Am I just remembering something wrong or does it give less exp now? And is it only if you use it on yourself or would it not take the char from lvl 1 to 30 if you used it on another char?

  2. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    The level 30 potion will take you from lvl 30 to ~34 IIRC.

  3. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    Also worth mentioning that this event ends today. It might be possible to start it and still be able to claim the potion at a later date though but if you do not make it to level 30 and start the second quest today you will miss the lvl 30-70 potion for sure.

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    Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    It's the level 70 potion that takes you to ~81. I seem to recall the level 30 potion going to 36, but my memory sucks.
    Look up an exp-to-next-level table and do the math?

  5. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    This is correct.

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    Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    The 1+1 event potion never went past 40. So yes, it does stop at 36. You also can't use it on another character, IIRC.

  7. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    Just started a new character. The 1+1 event is over, so unless you already started a character by yesterday, you are out of luck.

  8. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    The pot's tradeable, but the amount of exp from 10-30 is so tiny there's not much point, unless you're just using them to make a bunch of level 30 mules.

  9. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    You can trade it until you use it once, iirc. Once you take a sip from it, you can't give it to another character.

  10. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    I started a char today, And the event is still going.
    lv30 potion gave me 30 to 36.

  11. Default Re: 1+1 Exp pot nerfed?

    Ah my bad, I checked the event description and it is actually the first character you create during the event period that participates. I made a WH just to get the special jaguar a while back, so no wonder I could not see the quest today.



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