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    Default Favourite champions

    So yeah, i started playing this game yesterday. and it's fun. very very fun.

    I was playing with mostly bots at first to get a feel of it, and i bought a champion who's abilities interested me a lot, that champion was Kog'Maw.
    It wasn't too great at bots, because bots don't take human stupidity into account.
    So i decided to try PVP, and oh god, i laughed the night away.

    Absolutely none of the other team knew about my abilities, i got so many revenge kills because they just stood there after they killed me and i exploded in their faces.

    Trying to run away from me? allow me to fire some living artillery directly ahead of you. No escape.

    By the end of the match, the other players were running away from me as soon as they saw me. I'm in love with this ugly little thing.

    So, who is your favourite champion overall? and why?

  2. Default Re: Favourite champions

    I'm split between jax ziggs and lee sin. Ziggs is just so cute and can poke so well if I get fed while playing him it's GG. Jax is just so awesome, oh trying to run away? Leap strike hit empower= tons of damage, not to mention counter strike to deal with the auto attackers like teemo ash trynd etc. Lee sin is probably my favorite right now, I can dive into people and do good burst damage then just dive onto a friendly minion and be safe. Not to mention they are all awesome looking. Also name in the LoL IGN thread if it isnt there

  3. Default Re: Favourite champions

    Teemo ― mushrooms.
    Singed/Fizz ― trollolololol.
    Rumble ― His Ulti is amaaaaazingggggg.

  4. Default Re: Favourite champions

    Eve because we are both massive peaches

    I like quite a few champions but eve will always be my favorite.

  5. Default Re: Favourite champions

    Irelia, no questions asked. I love her Bladesurge and jumping all over the place with it and her Infiltrator skin.

  6. Water

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    Alliance: Quit MS

    Default Re: Favourite champions

    Well enjoy it while it lasts because as you play over 50 games or so, everyone will know what other champions are capable of, except maybe a few really UP ones like Karma or Evelynn. As for my favourite champion, it's Lux, she provides excellent support and utility for her team while remaining a great burst dmg threat. Landing skill shots with her is very challenging and lasering stragglers or buffs feels very rewarding. Best moment with her is stealing baron twice with my laser, one time completely blind, which won us the game. Other great moments are bursting one down completely or hitting 5 with my laser. Saving allies with clutch shields is also amazing.

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    Default Re: Favourite champions





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