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    Against Empress Cygnus or any other mob who is elemental-resistant, how do we calculate damage against those mobs using Dual Charge? (Lightning + Divine Charge)

    Divine Charge gives you 150% multiplier
    Resistance halves it to 75%

    Lightning Charge gives you 140% multiplier
    Additional Multiplier would be (140-100)% /2 = 20%
    Resistance halves it to a further 10%

    So resultant multiplier would be 85% yes?

    EDIT : What is the success rate of Threaten?

    EDIT 2 :
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    It would be 85% multiplier with those charges yes, except I think Divine's a bit higher due to CO.

    I haven't seen anyone post numbers on threaten's success rate, I would guess it's around 25-50%.


    63% success in test on regular mobs. Don't know if it's like PG and works half as well on bosses but it's certainly possible.

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    What you mean "like PG and works as half as well on bosses" ?
    By PG you mean Power Guard?



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