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  1. Mercury Male
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    Default ThMS is shutting down

    Asiasoft decided not to extend their license. The Mechanic patch since last June will be the last patch.

    Here's the conclusion:

    Asiasoft would like to extend the license at first, but there are conditions:
    1. GUI must be changed from Thai to English, entirely.
    2. Every single players must have their data deleted and therefore have to restart anew.
    3. Price of Cash Items must be changed to be equal with every other server. IIRC some are lower and others are higher than the other server already.

    Asiasoft couldn't take that.

    Welp, I should give my Corsair a goodbye.

    4th April 12.00: Money-filling system closed
    29th June 12.00: Everything else closed.

  2. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Would you really want it renewed when they haven't updated in almost a year? What exactly would change?

  3. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    that's both sad and expected i guess, but what the hell with those conditions o.O

  4. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Is it a late April Fool's joke? o_O If not, ew.

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    The second condition might be nice, actually.

  6. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    They announced it to be closing quite some time ago actually, so it's most likely real.

  7. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Welcome to my world :P

    You got scammed by nexon ;)

  8. Polar Bear Gay Male
    IGN: danielcatu
    Server: yellonde
    Level: 121
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    Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    In memory of the fallen:
    vietnam maplestory
    maplestory brazil
    now thailand maplestory

    all the other versions are still strong at the moment... even if europeMS is the one with the oldest patches they're following the msea route so they're fine

  9. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    I was expecting this since they didn't even have Chaos.

  10. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    You forgot Hong Kong MapleStory. xd

  11. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Just the versions no one plays. Every other version is going strong and even stronger.

  12. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Quick, buy NX today so that GMS doesn't close, too!

    Jokes apart, it's kinda sad to see how many localized versions of MapleStory have been closing lately. I hope GMS will not end up doing the same for a very, very long time.

  13. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Hong Kong MS didn't close down. They merged with Taiwan MS.

  14. Lead Ball
    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
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    Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    I'm actually wondering how they converse properly in game.

    Especially when they're using the same words for different language.

  15. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    I believe that there's one server for Hong Kong MS players, and the others for TaiwanMS. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

  16. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    The only difference between their language is that they pronounce words differently, they both use the same words with the same meanings. So unless they do voice chat, they can understand each other in writings.

  17. Idiot. Male
    IGN: Enfris
    Server: Reboot GMS
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    Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    Expected, never got past the Mechanic update.

  18. Default Re: ThMS is shutting down

    Was there ever any explanation to either of these requirements? They're absolutely baffling.

  19. Default Re: [ThMS] Shutting down

    The f'uck? GMS is obviously not closing any time soon but why hoping it never happens? It needs of a change, it needs of Nexon to stop making the game so money hungry while improving the quality of their service and things already in game. Right now, not just nothing of this is happening but it is getting worse by the patches, so if it wont ever change it may as well shut down already.



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