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  1. Default So, them Paladins.


    1st Job:
    Iron Body - 250 Defense
    Power Strike - 330% Damage
    Slash Blast - 280% Damage, set range instead of splash

    2nd Job:
    Final Attack -> Shield Mastery - 50% Defense, 5% Guard Chance
    Threaten - 100% success all the time
    Ground Smash - 350% Damage, 6 mobs, 300% Range
    (and to all the other warriors also)

    3rd Job:
    Lv30 -> Lv20 Max - Charge Blow -> Blow Strike - 250% Damage, 3 hits, 6 mobs, 70% chance to cause stun. Can be used without charges, 810ms delay.

    Lv20 -> Lv10 Max - Flame Charge - 145% Damage, 100% chance to deal 100% damage over time for 8 seconds. Applies on normal and boss monsters.

    Lv20 -> Lv10 Max - Blizzard Charge - 140% Damage, 100% chance to freeze normal mobs, 25% chance to apply attack speed slow on boss monsters

    Lv20 -> Lv10 Max - Lightning Charge - 15% Total Damage, can be used in conjunction with other charges. If used with other charges, Lightning element is neutral.

    [New] Lv10 - Divine Charge - 150% Damage, 100% chance to seal mobs, 10% chance to deal mortal damage to devil/dark type monsters. Effects do not work on bosses.

    Lv20 -> Lv30 Max - Shield Mastery -> Advanced Shield Mastery - 100% Defense, 20% Guard Rate (on top of 2nd Job Shield Mastery)

    [New] Lv10 - Chivalry - Toggle Skill, allows the Knight to absorb a portion of all party members' damage, passively increases strength - 10% damage reduction for all party members and the Knight takes 5% of the damage reduced after applying the Knight's defenses, passive 20 STR.

    Restoration - 100% HP healed, 30 second cooldown.

    4th Job

    Achilles -> Shield Divinity - Heightens the Paladin's defense beyond his limits - 150% Defense, 15% Guard Rate 20% Damage Reduction, increases maximum defense to 50,000. 30% chance when hit to create a divine shield to guard against 10 attacks, 60 second duration, 30 second cooldown.
    (Defense/Guard boosts stack with Shield Masteries if Shield is equipped, boosts are standalone if 2h Weapon is equipped)

    Lv30 - Lv10 Max - Guardian -> Divine Blessings - Heighten tolerance for abnormal effects and all elemental and magical attacks - 50% Elemental Resistance, 80% Abnormal Tolerance

    Blast -> Burst Strike - Deal consecutive strikes to a monster - 220% Damage, 6 hits, 25% Critical Rate Bonus, 40% defense ignore, 740ms delay

    Lv10 -> Lv20 Max - Advanced Charge Blow -> Heaven's Pierce - Charge a Holy Sword to pierce 7 mobs in front of you, different charges will add additional effects; Flame - additional 20% damage over time, Blizzard - increased chance of slow on boss monsters, Divine - increased chance to mortally wound dark/devil type mobs - 300% Damage, 3 hits, 7 mobs, 90% stun rate, 980ms delay.

    Lv10 -> Lv30 Max - Divine Shield -> Divine Mastery - Increase mastery of Swords and Hammers - 70% Mastery, 25% Critical Rate, +10% Minimum Critical Damage, Increase Attack Speed by 1 stage.

    Lv20 -> Lv10 Max - Divine Charge -> Elemental Mastery - Increase mastery of elemental attacks, ignores a portion of elemental resistance. Flame Charge - 155%, Blizzard Charge - 145%, Divine Charge - 160%, Lightning Charge - 25%, Ignore 50% elemental resistance.

    ok i tried. w/e

  2. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    I have to say if we got an update like this I will be pleased beyond imagination.

  3. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    Yes, because -20% damage taken, plus 5% guard rate, plus 20% guard rate, plus 15% guard rate (40%, seriously?), -10% more damage (-30% damage taken) and 50k max defense and a 30% chance for a divine shield? Not to mention 50% elemental resistance and 80% abnormal tolerance? That is almost as retarded as demon slayers. No one should ever have 100% status resist (when adding level 100 willpower). It defeats the purpose of the game. Demon slayers should max out at 50% and making another class hit 100% makes it just as OP. This isn't a difficult game to start, why make it even less challenging?

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    Not to mention it takes a hit in 3 to become unvincible for 10 hits. If those ten hits could trigger it you have a stadistically stable undisturbable god mode. Even if seduced and zombified.

  5. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    And you can't get seduced or zombified because you have a base 80% resist and any bossing pally would have 80+ willpower and be seduced/zombified so rarely...

  6. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    Because the seem oh-so intent on keeping paladins an "all defense, no offense" type class. I don't see the problem if they're taking damage from party members as well. As it is right now, Paladin already has a -70% Damage Reduction and 45% Guard Rate from Power Guard, Achilles, Shield Mastery, and Guardian Spirit. (Bzing!)

    Might as well go all the way if they -already- take 1 damage from everything, huh?

  7. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    You can't give them divine shield and 80% resist rate in addition to that. They already have insane survivability. The only reason a DS has more is the ridiculous resist rate they have. >30% resist from skills is dumb, it removes any challenge and randomness from a game that has run out of ways to make bosses challenging.

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    Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    Indeed. Changes like these would get me to start funding and training my Paladin again.

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    Seduce/stun at pot lock/zombify isn't challenging. It's stupid.

  10. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    It's better than bs we had a couple years ago with bosses doing several times your maximum hp unless you had hp washed $200+. Seduce is a pain, I will grant that, but stun is not. Zombify however is a challenge and not insurmountable at that, you just need to be careful. Potion lock is fun, or is for me at least.

  11. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    I didn't say stun was stupid. I said stun AT POT LOCK is stupid. Same thing as seduce except you can't move, so you aren't hopping away from any damage you could possibly take that will most likely kill you.

    What was bulls'hit about high damage unless you were a ranged class? All the ranged classes now have ridiculous avoidability or +% HP buffs. There are many ways to make bosses challenging, but that doesn't mean stupid gimmicks like status effects that basically means death is the answer. Thus, high status resistance is not taking the challenge away, it's taking the stupid away.

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    Except that high resist prevents seal, darkness and every other effect in the game. Stupid is designing something that kills you regardless of skill, such as some of the things you listed. High damage is another thing that would be considered that way if it is over what characters should have on the lowest hp class without MG at level 190.

  13. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    I wasn't arguing that 100% status resistance is a great idea. I'm arguing that over 50% or under 80% base status resistance isn't a stupid idea.

    Soloing worthwhile bosses is REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD without spending NX on wheels otherwise.

  14. Default Re: So, them Paladins.

    At 60% base you can have 100% resist with a battle mage in your party. No one should have 100% resist. I gave 10% as a buffer for potential lines if they give resist, or for any additional party skills that give resist or will be created in the future that will give resist.

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    No one ALONE should have 100%, no, but there's nothing wrong with having 100% through means of a party. 100% solo only means that class is amazing when soloing if done with enough funding.

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    Although I probably agree that the numbers there are too high, Paladins severely lack actual defensive ability when compared to what other classes have been getting of late.

    They max out at 30% Status Resistance, at fourth job, after having to deal with a 30 point low priority skill (I just barely now maxed it on my Paladin at Lv.161, and that was because I don't have MH30). Almost every class that's been added recently in the Melee department has at least 50%, sometimes higher (Demon Slayers had what, 80%?)

    The only reason they're very defensive is because they get several different skills that completely ignore damage. Guardian combined with Blessing Armor adds some pretty crazy damage ignore, however Guardian doesn't ignore status, in that it doesn't when it activates. You can still get Stunned even if Guardian was activated on the Stunning attack. The Status Resistance and the actual Guarding are two different chances.

    The one thing I majorly agree with that Paladins should have gotten since Big Bang, if not earlier, is the Share Damage skill that was outlined earlier. They want Paladins to be tanks, but it's literally impossible with how the game works. I think that the passive buff should be better than 20 STR though. That's really not incentive to use it, and I guarantee you that if something like that was added, there would be people who say that it's too useless to want to help the entire party out. It should give something along the lines of either: %STR, or %Attack based upon the amount of party members defending.

    Also, While 50,000 Defense Max seems a bit high, they should be able to pass 9,999. They're meant to be the defensive class, yet almost every newer Melee class can hit the 9,999 Defense barrier, and most of them long before Paladins, and without the requirement of a shield. Paladins should get at least 20,000. The worst part about the 9,999 limitation is that regular mobs in the high levels can outmatch that. I take 1-2k damage from regular Lv.150+ mobs. I have the highest defense possible. That shouldn't be happening. Bosses are one thing, but if you've maxed out Defense, you should be taking almost no damage. I'm not saying 1s are necessary, but I shouldn't be taking 15% of my natural Max HP in damage with the utmost highest possible Defense. If Nexon insists on making Paladins Defensive, at least make it a useful concept. What's the point of being a defensive class if you can't actually be defensive?

    Another thing: Paladins should be able to negate 1/1s. Since they're a defensive class, in reality they would have learned how to avoid/defend against such an attack, because of how devastating it is. Since Nexon has decided to make bosses do 50,000+ damage, 1/1s aren't really a big deal to be able to negate. All they are are a nuisance, and an awful concept. It was a scapegoat for figuring out what to do with people having so much washed HP that nothing could possibly ever kill you (It was probably added before HP Washing was an issue, I know, but it's not the point. It's only around at this point because of that concept, because otherwise they would have an idea of where to expect people's HP to be, and how much damage would be good from bosses).

    I love my Paladin, but they seriously need a huge overhaul. The problem is that I have no faith that Nexon will do it right. They will destroy the concept of the class. If there is ever a Paladin revamp, there's probably a 90% chance they will be Mikhail with all 4 elements instead of just Holy (And remove the Cygnus references, like Soul Driver).



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