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    Anyone else playing? I'm having fun with it so far in the Alpha testing.

    You can get alpha keys pretty easily from places like Gamesradar that are having giveaways.

    It goes down pretty often for updates/maintenance, though. It's got a "classless" skill system and is similar to Vindictus in combat style. So far it's pretty good fun.

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    >>>Sees boobies.

    >>>Stares for a while.

    >>>Leaves the page without signing up.

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    This game gets ridiculously hard ridiculously fast if you're soloing.

    Some reasons include:

    Basic melee combos from mages/clerics do very little damage/hitstun, so you're relying on kiting with spells. Most of the more damaging spells have a casting time that's fairly lengthy and can be interrupted, so those spells you're using to kite are your weakest ones.

    AOE skills are very weak overall. Enemies are generally spawned in close enough proximity to each other that trying to kite one will inevitably end up in 2 more chasing you.

    If you (or someone in your party) are not the first person to hit a monster, you aren't getting any EXP or loot from it. Period. Several quest-important minibosses spawn in open areas, meaning you're going to have a minimal chance of getting that first hit in to secure the quest completion without being in a party. On the off chance that you do get the first hit, nearby players will typically back away and let you struggle with the thing or even occasionally aggro nearby enemies and lure them near you in an attempt to have them disrupt your fight and get you killed (at which point the monster becomes free game again). A competent party of 4 or 5 can effectively lock down a miniboss and prevent anyone else from getting anything out of it as a result.

    I don't have anything against team-oriented games, but I've never seen an MMO get to a point of almost requiring partying within the first 10 hours of gameplay.



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