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    I am a old time player back from when Maplestory first opened and now I want to rejoin. I realize the game is free and have fully experienced it in the past. Now that I have one of those things called a job, I am curious what could the cash shop offer me from the perspective of power?

    I see meso sacks but no amount actually listed.

    What are the available LEGAL items purchasable to gain an advantage in this game? Is it just purely scrolls?

    Do they sell characters at higher starting levels still? I remember something about lvl 30s in the past before the revamp.

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    Since you last played, Nexon introduced the Potential system which basically means the more $$$ you spend in the cash shop, the more damage you will do. We're not talking small changes either. It is possible to boost your damage so much that some players have had 360k+ max ranges, and hit 999,999 damage (the new damage cap) with every attack. Of course, they have spent THOUSANDS of dollars to achieve this, but the saddest part is that it's even possible.

    Don't bother with the "level 30 character coupons" since there have been a lot of changes to the EXP curve and such so that training to lvl 30 is possible within a few hours on avg, and many people can get to 50 or 70 in a day (starting from lvl 1). 4th job (120) typically only takes a few days to reach.

    If you're looking to be able to convert NX to mesos, look at buying things in the Maple Trading System (MTS) to sell. Examples are 10 atk work gloves (unhammered!), 60% glove attack scrolls, etc. Do NOT buy the meso sacks as they are a HUGE scam. (You'll get about 1/50 of what you'd get if you "illegally" sold the NX to a player)

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    I forgot to look into the MTS system. Any idea how much would it take to see a noticeable power boost? Also is this potential system something you do to gear? Something you shouldn't bother doing as you level since you change out your gear pretty quick?

    Also is the game having a server check? I haven't been able to start up. Can't figure out if it is due to an old version.

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    Depends how old, I don't think patches work if you're more than 5 versions out of date or something.

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    How much are you willing to spend...?

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    Run. Run, far, far away while you still can.

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    You have a lot of catching up to do.

    Chances are you won't like what you find.



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