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    why do they drop boxes sometimes and other times nothing. I will kill 6-7 sometimes with no boxes. What gives

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    Because the drop rate for boxes is not 100%

    Also, it may have something to do with you being too high leveled.

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    It is if you're killing the correct pig.
    Golden Dream Pigs work like normal mobs. In order to get drops they need to be near your level or level 150+.

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    Does the lvl 150 golden piggy even spawn at Regrets? I've never seen one there.

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    They spawn on weekdays, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm PST. And they spawn every 5 minutes in between if one is killed.

    If you're over level 150, you're going to need to hunt specifically for the Lv150 Golden Pigs (nothing lower like the lv140 ones) for it to drop the pink box. I think the only maps the Lv150 pigs only spawn are RoR1 - 5 maps. Pretty odd that the Oblivion Maps in ToT spawns the Lv140 ones, but you can also open up your world map and see which pigs spawn where.

    Might also have to be persistent with it, I had to open about 10-15 boxes before I got the Golden Pig Belt so that it can be recorded into the event card. I don't know what other events gets recorded in there, but I want the positive chaos scroll o-o.

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    They do. I farmed them there for 2 hours on Friday and an hour on Saturday.

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    Trained on the regret map for over 15min. No piggy.

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    i believe they only spawn at certain times of day

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    On weekdays they spawn between 8-10PM.

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    So 11pm-1am est. F'ucking awesome spawn times Nexon. Thanks.

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    So is there a map where lvl 150 pigs spawn?? RR 4 and 5 spawn both as well as oblivion 1. L> map only has lvl 150 pigs



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