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  1. Default Willpower of Alliance

    Are aran's able to obtain this skill, Ive been trying to find the quest for it, was from v 106 update notes, was it like a limited time or something? :/

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    Yeah, last patch should've given you a new questline if you were lvl 75+ and had completed all other Aran story quests.

    If you're less than lvl 75, you'll get to skip to "Rise of the Alliance" where you talk to Cygnus and immediately go to the alliance place to get the skill.

    (I just checked that right now, and my Aran's lvl 72 so I'm not sure what quest you if you're already lvl 75+)

    @Below: Yup yup, characters below lvl 75 now get to join the alliance w/ a lvl 15 quest.
    And it makes no sense to me o.e especially as a Resistance member.
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    Slightly off topic, but my wild hunter got the skill at level 15, newly created.
    Even had the level 70 medal.

  4. Default Re: Willpower of Alliance

    My Blaze Wiz got it at lvl 15 too.



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