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Thread: Medals!

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    I challenge SP! Who has the most medals!

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    I am missing Horntail Slayer, Time Traveler, Dynamic Hair, and I'm A Legendary Hero.

  3. Default Re: Medals!

    Ah nice!
    I got all of those too lol.

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    I could get the I'm A Legendary Hero medal, but it seems that Cassandra doesn't let me trade in Leaves for Coins anymore D: So I have been having to just get lucky with boxes. I have the medal on my Demon Slayer though D: I am 5 hair changes away from Dynamic Hair, but I don't think I will change my Bishop's hair anytime soon. And I will get Horntail Slayer when I move to El Nido, because the HT Kill count is way to high in Windia.

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    I got HT medal around 6months ago on shadower and I'm still on the top 5 lol. Thats how dead it is here. Yet the most problematic medal is the celebrity medal. I'm in the middle of doing that 445/1,000 with less than half of the time left. As soon as I get that I'll practically have the maple idol for life making it 55 :D

    After that I need PB, and the trait medals ;3

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    Still missing a few as well; Veteran Hunter, Legendary Hunter, Celebrity, Maple Idol, Dynamic Hair, and a couple Trait medals.

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    IGN: Sylvananna
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    Level: 210
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    Only 43 here. I'm missing 1 donor medal, currently working on dilligent explorer and veteran hunter and soon will work on HT and PB medals. Missing celeb/maple idol too. Also, I don't have some of the earlier medals as I am a Mercedes and I am also missing the Cryse and Kerning Square medal due to being too high level :<. I had all 3 of the CTF medals but they don't actually count towards your total like most non-KMS medals

    Edit: Also missing the pet medal, due to having a super young pet.

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    It's nice to see that I am not the only Bishop with Pink Bean Slayer (: To me personally its quite an accomplishment to have it in my collection. I should work on my Trait Medals, but I am too busy switching between mains D: I can never focus on 1 character at a time.

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    Next hot time event with those love letters, ask your friends to give you them. On average I was getting 15~ fame from 1, as high as 20ish. Was able to get my last 300 fame easy that way.

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    hah good idea. Don't see a hot-time coming til justice through

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    Man.. My collection is so inferior as compared to the rest.. :/

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    Awesome! You can get a medal from Ellin Forest too now. So thats an easy boost ;3

  13. Default Re: Medals!

    Update again. Probably won't get anymore for a while.
    The only ones left I need to get...
    Midas Touch .... B> Tenacious Knight Pauldron recipe.
    Horntail Slayer .... pretty much impossible in Scania.
    Carnival Winner .... 150 wins... takes so long.
    Dynamic Hair .... need nx...



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