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  1. Default Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I saw this video yesterday (she's hot . That accent!! omg)

    and asked my little sister if she thought evolution was real. She said she doesn't believe in it since there isn't any evidence to support it. I've been studying evolution for a few months now to gain a better understanding of it, and I see comments like that everywhere. Evolution is no less of a fact than gravity keeping you from flying into space. She said she just doesn't "believe" in it, and I replied with something along the lines of "It doesn't really matter what anyone believes since belief does not change fact".

    There is A LOT of evidence to support evolution. It only got stronger with the discovery of DNA, our understanding of heredity, and with the vast increase in our collection of fossils since Charles Darwin first introduced it 150 years ago. There has also been nothing discovered to refute it.

    What do the members of southperry think of this? Is Evolution a big conspiracy? Is it real? fake?

  2. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I find it silly how some people can actually say evolution is wrong. Most of the times these people are just misinformed or just don't want to understand.

  3. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I like evolution, it doesn't require the average joe (who wouldn't really research it into too much detail anyway) to rely *entirely* on blind faith.

    From what I see, it doesn't help that evolution doesn't explain everything (yet), like how life (sentient and non-sentient) came into existence out of what science states was dead space in the first place. Until it does explain that and any other gaps that haven't been filled yet flawlessly I don't think anyone who believes otherwise will be changing their mind.

  4. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    Obviously science does not have the answers to everything, and it doesn't claim to. The only thing science will claim as fact are things that it can back up with proof.

    As for believers changing their mind, evolution is a really good example for that. It is irrefutable how life evolved into its current state on this planet yet people (like my sister and my entire Christian family for that matter) refuse to accept the FACTS. Science will not claim to know exactly what happened before the big bang until it can prove it. Science can prove evolution and people still refuse to accept it.

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    Most christians, from my understanding, actually support evolution.

  6. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    Am I the only one tired of the repeated religion threads we've had for a while? It seems people just won't let the topic die when it has already been discussed time and time again.

  7. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I find this funny coming from someone who posted twice and keeping the thread open? lol

    Practice what ya preach princess.

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    I don't see anything wrong with discussing beliefs. Evolution is science though. The same thing that gives us clean water, abundance of food, the internet, space ships, high definition cameras, etc... People not "believing" in something that, not only produces great results, but is backed up by hundreds of years of proof, is strange to me.

  9. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    It hadn't derived into a religious debate when I first posted, and there's no way to make yourself heard without posting anyway.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    Evolution makes a lot of sense logically but the dirty little secret is that the likelihood of randomly creating any life, much less life as sophisticated as humans, is a statistical impossibility. As in (1/10)^2,680 power

    I'm not saying Creationism is correct because I think its pointless to debate such questions, but evolution explains very little about how life evolved on Earth. Personally, it seems much more likely aliens seeded the planet with early organic material or it hitched a ride on a meteor. It's just silly to blindly accept evolution as an explanation for anything.

    When it comes down to it, evolution is the only thing we have close to a logical explanation.

  11. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I thought that response was perfect.

  12. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I have the perfect video response for that .

    The likelihood of all of the atoms forming together in that exact manner (to form the miracle dust bunny) is somewhere similar to that number you posted.

    and natural selection isn't all random. It's the adaptation of life on the planet over time to survive in harsh environments. Sometimes random genetic mutations, that benefit a species, can happen increasing the speed of evolution. That however is rare like stated in the article.

    Not surprised you left this out of your post from that same articles. The creationist idea has more than double the odds against it.

    "Theobald also tested the creationist idea that humans arose in their current form and have no evolutionary ancestors.The statistical analysis showed that the independent origin of humans is "an absolutely horrible hypothesis," Theobald said, adding that the probability that humans were created separately from everything else is 1 in 10 to the 6,000th power."

  13. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    Ugh. I really was just going to observe, but this post is so utterly stupid that I must correct it.

    If you're going to post an article and try to source it, you should try understanding the content of the article first. The number you quoted ((1/10)^2,680) doesn't represent "the likelihood of randomly creating any life" per your dribble, it represents the odds of "one species giving rise to bacteria and one giving rise to Archaea and eukaryotes" per the actual article.
    The probability of a common ancestor among all species on Earth is never actually stated (to my chagrin).

    Not if gonna touch your

    statement other than to say that pushing back the origin of the first organic matter on earth doesn't make a theory more plausible, it actually makes it worse.

  14. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    But Viajito! Tha'ts on the history channel! The alien show, about real sightings! You can't argue the legitimacy of the history channel

  15. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    -nevermind, this is fun for me-

  16. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    Well, thing is, the article is rather stupid itself, particularly because it focuses on that quote.

    That number you've quoted is absolutely meaningless because it entirely ignores the premise of Creationism: design.
    If a supreme being had the means, motivation, and intent to create something, then the probability of it being created is actually 1.

    All that number represents is the probability of humanity evolving on its own without any ancestors.

  17. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    A lot of really improbable things happen all the time, just consider all the possibilities for what every single person in the world could be doing right now, yet they are doing exactly one specific thing.

  18. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    Not sure what relevance that has to what you quoted.

    I completely agree with the first clause, but the second is nonsensical.
    Since your metaphor is lacking and vague, I'll create my own.
    If you have a billion-sided die, it is improbable for it to land on any particular side, but, if you roll it, it has to land on a side.
    You seem to be implying that landing on a side is, itself, remarkable; it's not.

    So, back to your example, every single person in the world has to be "doing" something by virtue of their existence.
    That doesn't say anything about the statistical likelihood of their doing a particular thing.

  19. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    So why is it remarkable that our million sided die rolled specifically on "create life as we know it"?

  20. Default Re: Your thoughts on Evolution?

    I do not understand why brilliant minds all over the world would be trying to elucidate the mysteries of evolution if it were not true.



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