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  1. Default Calculating my DPS

    My buffed damage range is 57,439~88,368. 2796 total str, 390 dex, 325 total attack excluding set effect.

    Total time taken to kill:
    BGA: 3:48.1ish (no dice)
    BGB: 4:00.1 (with dice 4 and 5)
    Grandpa: 1:23.7 (no dice)

    Anchor and militia accounted for. What is my damage per second? Any other information needed will be provided.

    Also i'm using the 2% attack set effect from zakum. How much more effective would a hoblin set (1% all stat 15% PDR) or horntail set (30% PDR, +1 all skills is useless to me damage wise) be?

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    Default Re: Calculating my DPS

    don't those bosses have 0 PDR?

  3. Default Re: Calculating my DPS

    It was more a question for the stronger bosses i'm planning on killing. I want to know my DPS to know if i should upgrade more or not before attempting. I know it's a weird baseline since those are pure 1v1 and the rest of them (HT, zak, chaoses, empress) have mob situations but it'll still be useful to know.

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    Nope, they have 25 PDR.

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    I appoligize if this is wrong but I think this method can work: DPS=HP/time. It will come out with units of hp/sec but that is how much hp goes down in 1 second.
    Dps= 400,000,000hp/(228.1 sec)=1,753,616 hp/sec

    DPS= 500,000,000 hp/ (240.1 sec)=2,082,465 hp/sec

    The Boss
    Hp=150,000,000 hp/ (84.7 sec) = 1,770,956 hp/sec

    Using BGB/BGA the damage/sec ratio is 1.1875. Idk what dice 4 and 5 give now. might still be 15% crit and 20% damage respectively.

    For BGB did you use dice 4 for some time, TL and reroll for 5?

    I can probably do the 2nd question u asked when changing the codex but I would like to know the buccaneer formula.
    I think its

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    Cannoneers don't have time leap and my second computer is elsewhere otherwise i would have had real SI and MW 31 and my time would have been significantly faster. I rolled a double dice, 4 and 5 at once so yeah, 15% crit and 20% damage.

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    OHHHHH that makes more sense. I though you were talking about your bucc. forgot that you mentioned the anchor skill...

    But if you rolled double dice 4 and 5 I would think that the DPS increase would be greater than 18%. Did you buff before starting the timer for BGA and buffed during the timer for BGB?

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    Yeah i did. I buffed before going into the room and had to rebuff i think a bit after BGA died. My buffing time is like upwards of 20 seconds or something without a rope. (haste, booster, SI, CO, SE, pirate spirit, monkey magic, HB)

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    ok. thanks. And 20 seconds is a long time for buffing. But anyway. If we assume that you didnt rebuff when BGB was being summoned (its like 2 or 3 seconds i think) and just shave off a flat 20seconds from BGB's time we have:
    DPS= 500,000,000 hp/ (220.1 sec)=2,271,695 hp/sec

    And the ratio with BGA/BGB is 1.295 or increase by 29.5%

    Which is a number i like better

    Oh and if you want me or someone else to tell you which codex is better without testing then you will need to provide your base PDR without any codex effect.

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    Yeah i was too busy hitting the lap button on my phone to record the time to buff while it was summoning, so that sounds good.

    Now i just need to know how big an increase the PDR would be and i can take my bossing up a notch.

    My base PDR is 20% from overload.

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    DO you have any ambition?

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    Level 17 right now. +1.5%

    Based off this, assuming i can do 1.5m DPS i can kill off 2.75b HP (horntail) in 30.5 minutes using only barrage. Gonna be massively different obviously, but it's nice to know i can do it without having like 10 minutes to spare.

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    k. So you got 21.5 then. Ok.
    P.s. Sorry for the way im writing this. My physics lab reports have this context and i kinda like it.

    Well since BGA/BGB/TheBoss all have 25PDR we take 25*.215=5.375. and then subtract this from 25 to get 19.625%. This is how much your max damage will get cut by. So if we subtract this from 100% we have the multipler for your max damage. 100%-19.625%= 80.375%

    Since the DPS i calculated earlier already have the multipler build into it we take the inverse of 80.375% to get 124.4%. ~from here on out im going to use decimal form~

    Using BGA DPS we have
    1,753,616 hp/sec * 1.244= 2,181,498 hp/sec
    This is your raw dps on a 0 PDR mob. We can check this by taking the average of your range and multiping by all the damage skills you got. But I dont have them so we skip.

    For the Zakum set it offers no PDR.Using same method as before but will use 40 DPR as a base since zakum and HT have that much


    For the 15% pdr Your total PDR comes to 36.5%.
    40-14.6= 25.4%
    1-.254=.746 (multipler for 15% pdr excluding 1% att stat.)

    Similarrly for the 30% leafre set
    40-20.6= 19.4%
    1-.194=.806 (multipler for 30% pdr )

    Since we know that %att=%damage we obtain the dps with the Zakum set as

    ZAKUM SET (+2%att)
    2,181,498*1.02*.686= 1,526,438

    assuming 1% att stat=1%total damage (i know its less than this but im hoping its close enough to get the same which is better than which.)

    HOB KING SET (+1% all stat, +15% pdr)
    2,181,498*1.01*.746= 1,643,671
    (7.7% increase from Zakum set)

    LEAFRE (+30% pdr)
    2,181,498*.806= 1,758,287
    (15.2% increase from Zakum set)

    As you can see the leafre one takes the cake. And the other monsters you listed have a high PDR than zakum/ht which will make your damage more dependent on how much you can resist that.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: This is assuming the times you gave is without any of these 3 sets that we are taking about. How ever if you had the Zakum one then each one would be increase by the same proportion so the ratios should still be roughly the same. I dont think you were using the hob/leafre set. If you were then ill probably have to redo everything

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    Awesome thanks a lot. Now i know what i should do to boost my damage through actual work and i think i can start solo bossing for real soon as i get 100 willpower. >_>

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    lol. Do cannoneers have and skills with % status resistance? or is willpower all you got to run with?

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    It's 20% status resistance with 0 willpower. Not really enough to do instructors effectively since 15 second stun and seal would RUIN me. Then again i need a serious DPS boost to actually handle anything but the 600m guards.

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    God dam 15sec stun. Might as well just make an instance KO move. can Heros Will cast out stun? if my memory recalls right Heros will can do everything but potenial lock and stun

  18. Default Re: Calculating my DPS

    I've never actually tried. The seal is manageable enough since i can just bring those all cures that the NPC in the phantom forest sells (drop, pick up, auto activates) but the stun means i can't run away.

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    WOOOH ur telling me that if you drop those all cures you get from the phantom forest npc in a potion CD map. It effect auto activates when you pick up? are there any potions that work like that?

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    Yeah because those all cures are the ones from CPQ which auto activate on pick up. There aren't potions that work like that afaik.



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