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  1. Cash6 Masteria Preview?

    From the MapleStory Facebook page.
    So it's not Visitor Event after all


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    Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    totally excited now

    but I mean... the tower there makes me remember visitor for some reason... also that botton right building too

    also seems like we're going to the future again right?

  3. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    Yeah, It looks awesome

  4. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    Please be this week please be this week please be this week please be this week

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    Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    We need what?


    Or is it Yoda speaking?

  6. Default Re: Masteria Preview?


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    Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    That is awfully reminiscent of this... but let's hope I'm wrong.

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    Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    Nice touch @ "Statue of Mushroomity" lol

  9. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    The buildings similar to those in the Krakaia forest.

    Krakia Eye?

    = =

  10. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    is it just me, or is the style of the little bit of tech on the bottom right highly reminiscent of the stuff from neo city.

  11. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    It's leaning to the 14th to me.

  12. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    Looks like it will be something new which is cool. Not going to get more excited than that. It could still turn out to be anything really.

  13. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    Ohh and they said in the facebook page :
    "‎MapleStory‎:This is just the beginning..."

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    Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    I was going to make a beginning of the end of ms joke, but the state of the game is so terrible right now, that I don't think the joke is necessary.

    No idea what they are going to do with this patch, but the way I see it, it can't be worse than PvP was.

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  16. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    "This is only the beggining"

    Pleasefinishmasteria Pleasefinishmasteria Pleasefinishmasteria Pleasefinishmasteria Pleasefinishmasteria.

    Maybe Masteria is gonna get revamped and things are gonna get super changed to make it even better worse.

  17. Water Gay Male
    IGN: Scenarey
    Server: Arcania
    Level: 146
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    Guild: Destiny
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    Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    Lets hope this CWKPQ hint comes true.

  18. Default Re: Masteria Preview?


    I'm... astonished and excited at the same time.

    I never expected them to ever release another piece of Masteria content again. Never say never, I guess. I was wondering why couldn't they just hire some good developers to replace Prose and the other(s), with all the money they earn.

    So yeah. As I said in another thread, I just hope the storyline will be as good as the previous ones. Afterall it's one of the many features (and one of my favourite) which makes Masteria so different than other areas.

    Can't really wait!!

    EDIT: Oh, and I kinda miss Prose's Chronicles of Masteria for new Masteria content. I hope they'll do that or something along those lines for future releases.

  19. Default Re: Masteria Preview?

    As I said before, the buildings similar to the Krakian Jungle:





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