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  1. Default Anyone else having major connection issues?

    The past 2 days, I am not exagerrating when I say I dc'ed/had to log off over 10 times because of lag. Has anyone else had any major connection issues? I noticed it mostly happens at LHC in parties with Demon Slayers, but I have it everywhere else too.

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    I can connect perfectly fine until I enter a map with enemies in it. Then I'm given about 0 to 5 minutes or so of gameplay before all the enemies stop moving, my skills stop working then the game eventually closes without a message of any kind. I want to believe that this is my internet connection's fault though since I can sometimes stay online for hours in a map with enemies. No consistency at all, which supports an unreliable wireless connection more than a fault with Nexon's servers (not to give too much credit to Nexon's servers).

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    I get around 0-60 SECONDS until that happens. And weirdly enough, my connection is fine/better if I'm either not in Bera or not on my main.

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    Pretty much the same for me, except I can quit and relog if I notice in time. If I dont relog, the game will hang after 10-15 seconds or so, and there is a risk of 1-day autoban too.
    I blame my internet, since its worse at some times than others.
    I have the same problem whether I play on old XP comp or new win7 comp, and have problems with any character class.
    I don't even have to attack mobs to get d/c'ed, it can happen just as readily hanging on a rope. In fact jumping on a rope seems to trigger it on occasion. Also problems seems worse the more monsters there are in a map. One time I ventured into a NLC map, d/c-ed inseconds, and after relogging multiple times to try to get out of the map, i just barely managed to use a nearest town scroll to work.
    On maps with no mobs, d/c's are rare.

    About two months ago the problem got much worse; don't know if nexon made the servers fussier or my isp changed something.
    Also, its definitely the server kicking me, not just the client's fault, since the char dissappears from other players screens immediately. When the client fails first, you get the char frozen on other players screens, and the 'already logged in' message for a couple of minutes when you try to relog.



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