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  1. Electron
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    Cash5 Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    Everyone knows how to find Crimson Balrog: even after BigBang he still spawn during the ride to Orbis or back.
    I found him pretty fast with my Mechanic after Mechanics were out.

    But after patch 1.05 it seems no one can find him.

    I've been to a couple of rides from Victoria to Orbis but found none.
    I searched Google and found out some people tried more than 100 times and found none.

    The Crimson Balrog Monster Card says he can be found in El Nath!
    But where?!

    I searched the world map and went through every map in El Nath, pressing UP almost anywhere - but nothing!

    How can we find him?!

  2. God of Terrorism Straight Male
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    Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    Ironically, there used to be a fake crimson balrog in el nath during old events. El nath is probably just his origin.

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
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    Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    There were plenty of Crimson Balrogs in El Nath PQ (the quest for warriors to get Stance, and other classes to get skillbooks). That was taken away in Big Bang, though.

    It might be worthwhile to look for CRog on the Orbis-Victoria flight again, now that other area bosses have been returned to their old maps. I know CRogs never got a Master Monster Portal, but there might still be a connection.

  4. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    They could possibly come from monster bags, I know jr. rogs do. I am unsure about crimson ones though.

  5. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    Pretty sure only GMs can summon Crimson Rogs with monster bags, I've never seen another player summon a Crimson Rog.

  6. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    Someone posted a thread about CRog last month, saying they couldn't find him too. A bunch of guildies including myself are monster card hunters and have been looking, and unable to find him. Seems like he's just removed from the game, or just bugged.

  7. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    I wonder if the Crog (2nd from Gheist Rog) from Amoria PQ would drop it. Doubtful, But hey, stranger things could happen.

  8. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    Crog has been gone since october 2011, whichever patch that was.

  9. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: HarbingerLey
    Server: Mardia
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    Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    i could have sworn someone broke the trend and eventually found one in a recent thread not to long ago

  10. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    I posted this not too long ago. Don't think anything's changed.

  11. Default Re: Crimson Balrog after 1.05

    I'm happy my CRog card transfered over from the old monster book.



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