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  1. Default ★Class Review Chapter 1 l Ft. Mercedes

    What up guys the templar crew back and were bringing you our maplestory class review for the mercedes class. NOTE this is a guide for people either deciding wether to make a mercedes or not and for someone that has never really played before. Basically we show you what gear to wear, what stats to raise, what skills to raise and we also give ratings for the class ranging from the classes defence to damage.

    ALSO theirs quicklinks in the video that speed the video to different parts to make it either to navigate and also so you dont have to watch the entire thing :p.

    Let me know what you guys think (constructive criticism only plz) and any suggestions you think I should add in the next one

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    Default Re: ★Class Review Chapter 1 l Ft. Mercedes

    Er why does your arrow mouse cursor show throughout the video?
    That's all I have a problem with.

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    Default Re: ★Class Review Chapter 1 l Ft. Mercedes

    i dont think you know anything about what you're talking about lol

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    Default Re: ★Class Review Chapter 1 l Ft. Mercedes

    Less "Uh", "Um", "Like", "Stuff like that" please. Makes you sound very unprofessional and, maybe it's just me, your video looks like you just half assed this.

    Mouse cursor in the video is bad. I mean the mouse arrow, not the Maple hand.
    Poor pronunciation is really bad as well.

    I would also suggest doing more research and keeping up to date info next time. You half assed the "Mercedes background story" section. Plus you mentioned you could buy a Full AP reset from the legend shop for 50 Legend coins, but that event ended well over 2 weeks ago at the time of this video post.

    I'll be honest, I couldn't even get halfway through the video due to how bad it was. I pretty much stopped at the 4th job section.

    Lastly, spell check is your friend.

  5. Default Re: ★Class Review Chapter 1 l Ft. Mercedes

    Mercedes was released on December 19.



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