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  1. Default Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Wish more parents were like this.
    My brother knew I was gay by 5. I used to listen to him argue with his friends over it when they thought I couldn't hear, but without a frame of reference for the term I didn't really care or attach to the idea. Even when other kids in school started calling me related terms I didn't process them as having an actual meaning beyond being an attempt at hurting me, so automatic refutal. Wasn't until almost 15 that I actually stopped to register that, oh, yes, that does actually correlate to how I feel. Oops. That sure put a crinkle in my long terms plans for college, wife, and 2.5 kids. Awkward. Oh well. Now it's college, husbands, 2.5 cats and planned adoption at some point.

  2. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Very cute coming from that kid. Oh, youthful innocence - to be able to shout out "I'M GAY!" without any sense of consequence is how it ought to be.

    I am concerned for you, Eos. You talk about adoption, but the cards are unfairly stacked against you. I'm fairly sure you're atheist, sure you're gay, and you're smack dab in the bible belt. It's not gonna be easy to pick up a kid.

  3. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    You're mistaken on the atheism.
    I am not particularly concerned about adoption, I know several gay couples in this town who've adopted despite where we are.
    Louisiana has it's own issues, the threat of a gay agenda is pretty low.

  4. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Twas a great story. And Eos, I wish you luck on your future plans, and hope they turn out great!

  5. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    That's a cute and awesome story.
    Good luck with your plans, especially the adoption part
    Oh and getting the husband unless you got that covered... I've heard gay relationships are difficult.

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    Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Aw, that was lovely, thanks for sharing that Eos.
    It's funny how one day i can hate who i am and hate the people who hate me for what i am, but then i can watch a heartwarming video or read an article like that and just instantly start to love and accept everything again, the world can be a really great place sometimes, i wish i could see that more often.

    Oh, and i completely agree with this comment:
    Related: I saw a random video on my youtube reccomendation thing, it was a trailer for a film called "You should meet my son", and just from watching the trailer, i knew it was exactly the heartwarming thing i needed to watch at that moment.

    It was a film about a mother and her sister who keep trying to set up her son with suitable women, until one day she suddenly realizes, after hearing someone mention it, that her son is gay, at first she is shocked and upset, thinking she has done something wrong and thinking of how she can change her son. But almost straight away she realizes that she wants her son to be happy regardless, so she opens her mind, goes to a gay bar and meets a colourful and diverse bunch of people who become her best friends, it was really really sweet and funny, and had me laughing throughout, and crying at the end.

    I would highly recommend it!

  7. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Warm gay fuzzies indeed.

  8. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Maybe one day when the demonizing of homosexuality no longer happens.

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    Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Saw this a few days ago, heart went :).

    Eos, you pluralized husbands. Explanation?

    Finally, on an OT related note:

  10. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Plurality isn't particularly challenging. I have two.

  11. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
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    Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Of course it's not particularly challenging, so my post wasn't meant to question generalities but ask for a clarification of specifics.

    And with this last post, another question, this time in tense: you have? Again, asking for clarification of specifics.

    All out of curiosity, mind you. Inches of Eosian characterization with each answer.

  12. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    I don't know how to be any clearer than to have stated exactly what I meant.
    Regardless, this thread is not about me. You have other avenues for those topics.

  13. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Don't kid yourself, Eos.
    I'm pretty sure you have at least twice that number already.
    Hell, I have 6 cats spread over 2 households. And I'm straight.

  14. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Nope. I have exactly 2.5.
    2 10 year old queens that were abandoned by their former owners and one 3 month old kitten who belongs to one of my roomies makes .5.

  15. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Well I'll be.
    The question is why you don't have more then (or what happened to all your others).

  16. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    I don't adopt out of a desire to amass, I adopt out of the need of others.

  17. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    >implying there aren't incredibly cute kittens starving on the streets right now
    Shame on you, Eos. Go out there and adopt some.

  18. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Have you met my dear friend, Charles Darwin, and his dear friend, Natural Selection?

    ProTip: Life; No one survives in the end.

  19. Default Re: Warm Gay Fuzzies

    Protip: Life; pomegranate happens. Not due to a genetic defect on the kittens' part that their parents are dead/gone.
    Anyhow, if you are such a fervent believer in natural selection that you won't go find some kittens in need, how does that balance with "I adopt out of the need of others"?
    My goal here is to get you to have more kittens which really shouldn't be disagreeable to you.



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