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    Something I don't think anyone on southperry knows about me is that I've been in the process of joining the military for over a year now. I think it was around the end of January last year that I first stepped into the recruitment office and I ship out to boot camp on March 19th. Tuesday I go in for my 30 day briefing.

    Not really scared or nervous to be honest. I'm actually worried that boot camp might be too easy. The video they showed us of Navy boot camp looks like glorified P.E. to me rofl. I should request to be put into marines boot camp .

    It's pretty exciting though since this will be the career for the rest of my life. The screening process of getting in has gotten much harder since the government has been reducing the size of the military for years now so I'm glad that I got in. Been studying and doing lots of physical training to prepare. I should be able to breeze right through it I think. The bigger problem is going through the schooling which is going to last over 2 years.

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    Er well it won't be your single most career, they'll keep you for 20, but your concern should lie in getting training that will be useful outside of the military. You don't want to end up being some window washer on the base or getting a job will be nye impossible, or rather any type of promotions when entering the civilian world.

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    I'm going in as a nuclear engineer. That's the main reason I got in so easily was because I got almost a perfect score on my ASVAB and the Nuke test I took about a month later. I also have previous mechanical experience which was a huge plus for them since nukes do work on a lot of machinery.

    The re-enlistment bonus for a nuke is almost 6 figures per 4 years because we already have Top Secret clearance meaning the civilian world pays heavily for us. The Navy has trouble keeping nukes in the Navy since private companies give out so much to people with prior training.

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    I would imagine a career like that would be a 12 year minimum for the figures you're talking. I'm airforce based so I'm not familiar with navy, although I do live right next to the Naval* academy, I'm actually working right next to it as we speak lol

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    After 4 years, you can re-enlist for another 4 years with a $95,000 bonus.

    Machinist mate is what I would become since I have mechanical experience.

    When I was up at the Army base doing my physical screening, the Master Chief there asked me what I was going into the Navy as. I told him I was a Nuke, and he said "You play world of warcraft don't you?, All them Nuke guys play world of warcraft".

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    I'm not talking about the reenlisting, just the qualifications. You also have to be aware that's a contract, if you void that contract you're liable to pay all that back, a lot of new elisties don't know that.

    I don't understand the last paragraph has anything to do with anything but okay.

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    I was just throwing it out there. Yah I know the penalties of voiding the contract. They had me read it thoroughly before signing it.

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    Really? Well I'm glad they fixed that up because last year they were purposely not telling people in order for them to void it lol. Buncha retarded teens joining just to cash the check.

    But yeah as said I'm not familiar at all with this I was just curious that a "title" such as that would be requiring at least 4 years of schooling, which of course they would provide, I was just surprised to only see a 2 there lol

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    It's something like 2 and a half years. I've been spending the last half hour trying to find my copy of the schooling break down, but I have a huge stack to go through. I know I spend 6 months in north carolina, 6 months in south carolina, but the rest I don't remember.

    I give up on looking for it . It's probably with all my other military papers at the recruitment office. I did tidy up my room quite a bit throwing out a bunch of the stuff though so that's a plus I guess.

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    some tips from someone that got out of great lakes in august:
    1) Learn the general orders.
    2) Volunteer for AROC or MA. It will be good if you manage to maintain that role for the entire 2 months.
    3) Yes it is really easy. There's a few things that might be tough for you, but it really is easy. now, specops bootcamp, that's tough.
    4) Decide if you want to go sub or not. You might get the choice, but given the current climate you'll get thrown wherever the navy needs you.
    5) Prepare yourself; the first week you will not get much sleep.

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    1. I know the general orders
    2. I'm AROC in the DEP meetings already
    4. Already planned to go sub

    ya I know to prepare lol. I could easily pass the PT already. I jog every other day and probably do 100 push ups n leg lifts a day as well.

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    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 25
    Job: Sailor
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    Well, maybe if you're lucky you'll get stuck in a 900 division then.



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