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    When I still was playing gms premium cubes would send you from rare to epic in one cube if it turned from 2 lines to 3 lines, was this removed or is still there?

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    Yes its still there.
    EDIT: NEVERMIND I read the question completely wrong I thought you were asking if the premium cubes still existed.

    I used 16 on my weapon, none of them worked. I recommend not using them. ;_;

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    I've never had an item turn Epic and 3 line at the same time.

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    They never did that, I've premium cubed several items and they all stayed rare when they got the 3rd line.

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    To clarify, it still has a chance to turn items into a new rarity but it doesn't happen 100% of the time.

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    Fairly sure I did it 1-2 times already that changed my item's rank along with the # of lines. I made my DB's stuff change from 2L rare to 2L epic to 3L unique in 3 premiums upon 1st release. Its been a long while since I've used premiums so I wouldn't notice if it changed or not however, I have to say my luck with these cubes (every kind) dropped tremendously since the "fix" to potential lines kicked in. Probably just luck and game coding for all I know.

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    It's just luck, I used them when they were first released and everything stayed rare.

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    Meh I was kinda hoping this would be a shortcut from rare to epic but I guess not but is it worth the investment when Im just cubing a bottom for decent hb? By saying this I obviously mean that my pants are 2 lined and rare still.

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    Used a few, all of the following happened to me:
    1) Stays 2 lines, remains "Rare".
    2) Additional line, remains "Rare".
    3) Additional line, goes "Epic".
    4) Stays 2 lines, goes "Epic".

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    Lol used 10 on my hat the last time I got nx. Not only did the lines remain 2lined and it stayed rare, but I never saw a single %stat. Was having good luck with them until this experience.

    The best way to get from rare -> epic is probably through using an epic pot scroll.

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    Default Re: Premium cube

    it's a regular cube, that may add a third line, play and simple.

    it may upgrade your item to next rank.
    it may add a third line
    it may do both at the same time.

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    Now that we are talking about premiun cubes... in scania 2 weeks ago someone smega that he used around 40 cubes and was still 2 lines....

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    Default Re: Premium cube

    and i made my cape 3L less than a week ago with 7 cubes, bad luck is bad.

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    It is a whopping 25% chance you know. It's so good and easy that Nexon made the chances extremely high just for everyone to use multiple times! They've never gone on sale though and I want to buy some, but 3100 each s WAY too expensive :(



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