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    Can you get decent hb on rare and epic or is it only on unique?

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    Skills only are available on Unique or Legendary items.

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    I have occasionally gotten a line (usually the third line on an item) from a higher "pool". For example, I've had a 6% line appear on a Rare shoe. So, I believe epic pants can get Decent HB. However, the pants are far more likely to go Unique before that happens.

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    This. There are shoes that are epic with decent haste and there are SSes of equips with 6%/9% on the 3rd line that are still rare.

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    2nd and 3rd line have a chance of getting higher potential rarity, albeit rare.

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    I got another question since this thread is still open and since ems doesnt have jump patch yet I cant test this myself. Does spirit link stack with hb/decent hb? For phoenix that is.

    By this I mean, is spirit link an active buff up in the left corner or is just passive when phoenix is on?

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    They stack.



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