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  1. Default Inflection Point

    Hi all
    Long time lurker here with a request

    As I see it MS has reached an inflection point. Either Nexon steps up and takes some/any measures to address the current situation (duped items and huge influx of currency) or they don't and MS continues its death spiral into the abyss. I hope for the former but my heart tells me it will probably be the later. So to those that have given me so many insights over the past three years I ask for one more. Where should I go to adventure now? I am loving skyrim as I step back from the train wreck that MS has become but I will finish that shortly. Where do you (Eos, Kwest, Crazy4D, Sdragon, Combattent, MarksmanB, locked.......) adventure and do you have room for one more?

    All the best


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    Default Re: Inflection Point

    Try some single player games or games without trading if it's that much of an issue.

    I'm aware that my name isn't on that list, but i'm contributing anyway! ha!

  3. Default Re: Inflection Point
    Give it a try. I've logged so many hours into this game that I've lost count.
    For a singleplayer game, it's got HUGE replay value.

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    Default Re: Inflection Point

    when i'm not mapling, i'm either DN'ing, or facedesking into my shoolbooks.

    if i had my PS3 i'd be playing FF13-2, but i don't

  5. Default Re: Inflection Point

    Apparently not.
    Maybe flashpoint would be better.

  6. Default Re: Inflection Point

    We are clearly at a point where the game will now change its concavity.

  7. Default Re: Inflection Point

    's all about S4 League, even though that too has begun declining into crap lately with all the hackers. Sniping them in the head is hilarious though.

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    Default Re: Inflection Point

    I lol'd.

  9. Default Re: Inflection Point

    When I'm not on maple I'm studying/working or hanging out with friends.
    I can't really afford to get sucked into another game :|

  10. Default Re: Inflection Point

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    Default Re: Inflection Point


    Also, totally maplestory discussion.

  12. Default Re: Inflection Point

    Eh, there isn't much about maplestory to discuss anymore other than the fact that it has been taken over by hackers.

  13. Default Re: Inflection Point

    So... you're saying there's a chance of a positive change! Gotcha! Gonna go charge NX now!

  14. Default Re: Inflection Point

    Sorry guys, it's now heading towards a local minimum. Believe it or not, you've already seen the local maximum.

  15. Water Gay Male
    IGN: Scenarey
    Server: Arcania
    Level: 146
    Job: Mercedes
    Guild: Destiny
    Alliance: Providence

    Default Re: Inflection Point

    Danger, point of discontinuity ahead.

  16. Default Re: Inflection Point

    It's a removable discontinuity though.
    We however are approaching an asymptote. It gets worse before it gets better. :S

  17. Default Re: Inflection Point

    I have located the exact graphical representation of Maplestory's life from an undisclosed source.



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