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    Somewhere after the 2nd reboot the server came up unclean with two copies of the database running simultaneously and corrupting each other and everything became a mess. Had to convince one to die, shut off the webservers so the other would stop trying to run traffic and could chill, coax into a repair and clean up, send it back to it's room to play nicely.

    Nexon isn't the only one who can have random stability issues. We're special too!

    As compensation everyone who was on during the affected period will get 5K maplepoints apologies.

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    I want my maplepoints!
    jk~ Glad too see we're back up

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    Copy-paste? Who do you think Eos is, Nexon?
    Eos knows how to program. Even loops that output "We're sorry for the inconvenience" 5000 times. Per Southperry user.

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    In the form of a thread redirect popup.


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