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    Just wondering where you get the medal once you have all the Legend Maple equips + the mushroom 30 day mount? Do I need to equip a weapon too? I have all the clothes and the coupon activated but didn't get a quest or anything. :|

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    You need to equip the full set and have the Mushroom mount in your skills.

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    The mushroom mount part is bullpomegranate. It is almost as if they put the whole quest in, decided it was too easy, and went back to their old standard of multiple-day questlines.

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    For every 500 kills you get of a monster of your level range you get 1 leaf.

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    I got all the gear (not wearing it) Then got the mount use item and used it. Then just talked to Gaga and got the medal. You donít need a weapon or even have to wear the gear/ride the mount etc.

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    This. I got the full set at Lv70 on my new Dawn Warrior and I got the medal right then.

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    I had to change channel before the quest registered as completed.

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    Yep, didn't think it'd make a difference but after equipping everything and changing channels I got a quest from Gaga for it.

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    For me the 3 extra LUK outweights 1 ATT. Must be cause of DBs and their insane amount of ATT (without having to resort to duped crap). But I think I'll roll with the crusade one for the HP and DEF.

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    I just like the look of this medal, the Silent Crusade one looks a bit boring. They SC one gives me like 15 extra range, but whatever.

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    i did it for the extra secondary stats.

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    Also not everyone is Lv 120+

    I use the crusade one myself but itís very ugly, I hate how they make medals so long.

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    I'm probably going to get it -just- for it's +BAtk..

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    Crusade also gives 2 B ATT.



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