yes i know maple is filled with a bunch of classes already, but i really liked the idea and hope that nexon implements something like this
and yes i'm inspired by the percy jackson series
I will not go detail into the skills since I don't want to just follow the simple maple skill style (booster, hurricane-like attack, etc.) so feel free to imagine and this is more for fun than for damage-wh0res!

Story and reason

Follower of Zeus

2 subclasses: lightning or air
Common type of item: Spear and shield
Passive: followers of zeus are immune to all lightning-based attacks, have the ability to "fly" anywhere with a big cooldown, have lower avoid, and can conjure up storms to fly for a short duration



Follower of Poseidon
2 subclasses: sea or earthquake
Common type of weapon: Trident and shield
Passive: able to move extremely fast in water and can "swim" from and to maps that are close and connected to waters. can conjure up water to help move faster for a short duration (just like zeus followers)



Follower of Hades

2 subclasses: death and wealth
common type of weapon: gloves of hades (2)
passive: can self-surrect (the char can lose all its buffs and potions and w.e when it "suppose" to die but stays in the same map with full hp on) with huge cooldown, able to use shadow-travel to anywhere in the world with another huge cooldown, able to shadow-move within the map (like phantom)



For now that's all I have. These were built based on mythological imaginations and fun than for damage. Give me suggestions and I'll come up with more ideas. I hope that Nexon or a game developer uses this idea.