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  1. Default What, no FFXIII-2 thread? POTENTIAL SPOILERS

    Why would you do that...the only weakness I've seen so far is the shortish main storyline, but then, it's Chrono Trigger style with multiple timeline endings so that is to be expected. Main story is about 30-35 hours it seems, I'm like 28 hours in and on the final chapter. Then again, I'm only at 67/160 fragments, and I haven't done any of the time consuming ones yet (aside from two of the Brain Blast quizzes, which, by the way, if you want to kill yourself, do those now before anyone makes a guide for the answers, because you will. So far I've seen over 300 individual questions on each quiz, and you have to answer 10 in a row successfully to win...and it's stupid pomegranate like "what was a play created in 307AF involving dancing imps").

  2. Default Re: What, no FFXIII-2 thread?

    Played the demo and did not really enjoy it at all. The music... it.. it.. it is so pineappleing bad and different from Nobuo Uematsus work and the general Final Fantasy feel that that alone will make me not buy this. Oh, and because the prequel sucked so very, very much.
    And speaking of sucking, Fang is officialy the most repulsive woman to ever star in an RPG and the fact she seems to not be a playable character in this one makes it a little less intolerable I suppose.
    For me Final Fantasy began dying with FF X even if that holds some merit in the series, and everything after that is simply pale.

    Also, inb4 Sarah praising the newer FFs. x)

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    So they shortened the main story game to only 30-some hours? Didn't FF13 have like a 70-some hour main story?

    Also, the live trigger part when you choose a line seems so off to me.
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    Never base it off of the demo, almost every FF game ever made has a VERY slow start, and that goes especially for newer gen ones.

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    I had a lot of issues with the demo too, Crow, but the actual game is very enjoyable so far. The demo actually left out stuff so that there were no spoilers. But you're right, the music is very, very bad at points. A lot of bosses have metal, it's just... ugh.

    And I would argue that games past FFX have been good except XII which is the best Final Fantasy. I would certainly argue that FFX was good though, because it wasn't ;)

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    Music is an issue for me as well; I even LIKE heavy metal usually, but that is not metal, that is some bastardization I don't even know how to describe. The Red Chocobo music is so bad it makes me cringe. Then, the overworld/Crux music are pretty bad too. Pretty much every song in the game with vocals is horrible, it's either some gayass pop music (and keep in mind, I listen to idolm@ster devotedly, so this music is REALLY gayass), bastardized metal, or singing about time/space in a cringeworthy fashion. Some of the stuff WITHOUT vocals is decent, though!

    I like how most of the rare monsters and un-plot nerfed gate bosses can absolutely steamroll you; I tried to go back and beat Atlas without using the device first, with 4 roles maxed on each, and I was doing fine until he started gatling punching me like some sort of goddamned 3 story tall mutant Kenshiro.

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    I still haven't gotten around to actually finishing the first one (I'm right near the final boss though). I'll probably buy it when it drops in price because right now I don't have the time and money for it anyway.

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    I'm waiting for a price drop before I get my copy. :/

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    I'm on the fence about this one. I liked the demo and the first XIII is in my top 5 RPGs, but this one is just didn't get me as hyped.

    Is the story as convoluted as I thought?

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    Default Re: What, no FFXIII-2 thread?

    My copy should be arriving tomorrow :(

    Damn you Americans!
    Though, i pre-ordered the game from GAME, which means i get a special case, the novella, 2 costumes for Noel, 2 costumes for Serah, 3 art cards and the Omega Weapon boss fight all for free. Yeah.

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    Define convoluted. Because I consider not knowing the ending from the beginning a good thing.


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    Default Re: What, no FFXIII-2 thread?

    I was just listening to the OST and I don't know what you guys are talking about. The OST is amazing. Different, yes, but amazing.

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    Like I said, some of the nonvocal stuff is good. Though a few don't fit in where they play. Like the battle theme for 500AF Academia. Some sort of symphony orchestra hard rock mix, I don't even know what to call it. It sounds cool, but not for random normal battles, it just doesn't fit. Except against the Proto Behemoths I guess, though to be fair they are stronger than most bosses and running into one of those is basically game over.

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    Default Re: What, no FFXIII-2 thread?

    You mean you don't like stuff like this?

    Maybe because I love the Persona vocal tracks so much, but I really dig this.

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    Like, for XIII I had to go back and re-read all the primers to gain a concrete grasp of what was happening.

    I'll probably snag this after a price drop. Devil Survivor 2 takes up too much priority.

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    Default Re: What, no FFXIII-2 thread?

    Is the battle system for 13-2 the same and 13?
    Because if so then pineapple it I dont care how good the story is I'll hate with a burning passion

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    It's the same. Except that there's the addition of QTEs every now and then for you to deal massive damage while looking flashy.

    And you only have 2 actual party members, the third slot is filled by a monster you summon (not an eidolon) and said monster has only one paradigm.

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    Polished, but yes. It's much more...paradigm shift based, now. You can assign 3 captured monsters to your Paradigm Pack, each monster in the game has their own specific role that cannot be changed, so you will be switching between different monsters a lot. And, switching to SEN/SEN/SEN or SEN/SEN/MED are much more essential this time around; game overs are just time shifted back immediately so you never get the sense of actually "losing", but you still get destroyed against the harder hitters if you don't full SEN just for the passive 50% phys damage. I just finally managed to beat 100% Atlas, and the thing I'm finding to be a big issue with a lot of the later bosses is that the battle is lasting so long my Wound damage is actually taking my max HP down by several thousand, leading to an eventual 1shot on the party because I have not even half my max HP even fully healed for that battle. Especially the "final" battle. That thing lasted over an hour, and when I won my max HP on Serah was literally under 800, only reason I was able to win was because Noel has a much higher base so he could still stand the strongest hits in SEN+guard stance...lots of Phoenix Feathers wasted though.

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    Yeah, the battle system IMO is a lot more polished. The additional elements that they introduced puts more spin on it.

    The NCU (No Crystarium Usage/Challenge) was already done on this game. Much shorter time span than it did in XIII. If you guys don't mind the spoiler, the person uploaded the final boss on his NCU file.




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