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  1. Cash5 i from MapleSEA ,questing for warrior class ..

    my fren n i wanna going thoes boss , my fren job is battle mage , n i'm a paladin. we planing 2 person bossing, which class should i choose , i'm no much fund for washing hp.. around 300~400 AP i can afford.

    warrior class , Hero , Pala , Dark Knight.

    which class will most survive at thoes kind of boss below..

    Empress Cygnus , Chaos Zakum / HT .
    __________________________________________________ __________
    i got a pala , donno 2 person can down thoes boss or not ..

    i nid a warrior like .. def nice dmg nice and will recover

    if my pala do threathen + co + crack mule , hero / dk . which should i choose ?

    help pls , sorry for my poor english
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