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    Hey guys, with Auras stacking post Union for Battle Mages, I've been trying to find the mechanics of which aura(s) get the body boost affect given all 3 auras are in affect. Does it matter which one was used first? Last? Do you receive all 3 affects with Body Boost?

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    Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    i dont remember but i think the auras alternate colors on screen. at whatever time you use body boost, whatever color on your screen will be the boost effect(dont trust me on this 100%)

  3. Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    When you have more than one aura effect on you the color does alternate. It does this now, if you're in a party with other Battle Mages. I don't know which would get the Body Boost, though. I suppose it's even possible that they all get it?

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    I've heard the first aura you cast is the one body boost uses.

    I'm concerned that if you move maps though, the aura recast might not follow the original pattern. So if you want the correct body boost effect, you'll probably have to recast your auras after switching maps. This is just speculation on my part.

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    Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    It's the first aura you casted. If you wanted to make sure you get dark aura's effect, cast auras again.

  6. Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    I thought you'd get the full effect from all three, no matter what aura is cased first.

  7. Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    I'm pretty sure Body Boost activates BBoost effects of all active Auras...

    I haven't been on my KMS BaM in ages but last I checked that's what it did..

  8. Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    Can confirm all three auras receive their boost effect.
    Which is kinda weird, because blue aura's boost still only lasts 10 seconds, but doesn't get its own buff icon.

  9. Default Re: Body Boost After Union

    Yeah, that part kept confusing me xD

    I'm like, "Why am I taking dmg so quickly?" forgetting that adv blue's effect is the shortest. ><



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