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  1. Basic2 Character Hopping

    I have rejoined maple and I remember distinctly before I quit I was trying to juggle multiple characters.

    Right now I have a Cannoneer, DS, Merc, and Thunder Breaker. But I plan on benching the Legends at 70 as Link & Pot Mules so I do not get to overwhelmed.

    I am also looking forward to (maybe) making a UE and Phantoms.

    How many characters do you guys Juggle?

  2. Default Re: Character Hopping

    Character hopping is not that bad. Try juggling multiple servers. I started back in '04 in Bera, quit, started in Nova, found out there were no people in that server (literally. no people. not even channel 1), and now I have 4 semi-active characters in Khaini. But yeah, between the blessings/links, the professions, and the legendary rings, I've really been tempted by Nexon into making more and more characters. It's quite time-consuming to maintain, and very expensive if you buy Nx. :(

  3. Default Re: Character Hopping

    i currently sort of juggle 2 and ignore the other 10

  4. Default Re: Character Hopping

    juggling 3 char Main ( DB), Ds and Merc and my bish ( which is only a hs mule) other 20 char are mules or side char

  5. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I play my F/P mainly, previously it was a shadower, both 180 currently(and before that, a DB, paladin, bucc, and a different F/P). I made a DS to level with a friend, and am scrolling equips/farming Rising Sun for my future Phantom, which I plan to play past 140 or so, obviously.
    I've had complaints from friends and some guildies for my constant new characters. ):

  6. Default Re: Character Hopping

    Demon slayer, Paladin, mercedes, cannon shooter, corsair, brawler, f\p mage, hunter, xbowman, and shadower. What ever I feel like playing sometimes and other times ill make missions for myself to get a character to 120. Quite annoying when you have to relog multiple times to get all the equips .

  7. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I am very worried about making a Bandit due to a) they are changing them and b) when Phantom comes out it will steal my soul.

    I have also always been broke in game so lol

  8. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I actually don't play my main much any more; all I do is log on for daily traits xp. Most of my time is spent levelling the latest event/blessing alt. I still have a pile of alts that I used to play in-between major events, but now that Nexon likes to spam events, I only really trot them out for the easier event rewards.

  9. Default Re: Character Hopping

    Buccaneer and Cannoneer

  10. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I have bunches of characters, but I favor my I/L so much that I might as well say I don't juggle any.

  11. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default Re: Character Hopping

    I have about 50 characters, I think, but the only one I've ever played for its own sake is my Hero.
    All the rest, from level 10 storage mules, through level 50/70/80/120 event/blessing/link mules, to 17x bishop, only exist because it benefits my main somehow.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: Character Hopping

    This. At the same time.

  13. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I really loved Infighter and Bandit second job but not so much third :(

    Hope they get better and not worse fun wise with the patch.

    But the though of having to balance more than 1 charecter and mules scares me ahahahah

  14. Default Re: Character Hopping

    Im juggling an evan and a fire mage. its hard x_x how do you guys even juggle 4 ?!

  15. Default Re: Character Hopping

    My Mercedes is my main, but I'm leveling my Demon Slayer so I can get it to 4th job and use the free mastery book. I'm also finishing my Dawn Warrior since it's been at 117 forever, and I'm leveling an F/P Wizard and Dual Blade.

  16. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I have a Merc, Cannon, DB, Bowmaster, 2 Demon Slayers (dont ask), and a Wind Archer, But right now ive been focusing on my Merc, Because she's so close to 200, But i feel as if im getting burned out. So ive been playing around with my DS as well.

  17. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I have about 24 that I consider mains and I switch between them a lot. Usually I play about 5 on a regular basis. But lately with the 10 day cards (available to to all my accounts for unknown reasons since I wasn't gone), I've been changing to a new account every 10 days and leveling all the characters on the account. Which means I play them and haven't repeated much since before Christmas.

    Usually I have a couple high levels that I train during 2x events. Then I have couple medicore and low levels that I like to quest with. And I have ones I like to take to Ani events (in a party so the high levels leach the low levels). So much to do now in maple.

  18. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I'm currently active with a mercedes, bowmaster, priest. I would be doing more, but I'm juggling several other characters in multiple other games. :/

  19. Default Re: Character Hopping

    Currently, I have three that I'm on most frequently.. and eight overall.

  20. Default Re: Character Hopping

    I do nothing else.
    I have a:

    -points at signature-

    165 DarkKnight
    146 DemonSlayer
    136 DualBlader
    132 Paladin
    130 Corsair
    124 WildHunter
    120 DawnWarrior
    103 Priest
    102 UA Hermit
    102 Cannoneer
    92 Aran
    67 Mercedes



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