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  1. Default Cygnus Knight EXP to 70 Needed?

    Can someone help me figure this out please? I'm trying to use my 1+1 potions to get a Thunder Breaker to level 70 for the Blessing, but I still wanna use a bit of my potion on my Slayer it self, and was wondering how much exp is needed to get to level 72ish.

    EXP 30: 116,916
    EXP 70: 6,092,171

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    going only with math, just take 10% out of both numbers and that's how much the cygnus will take.

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    I thought it became untradable after you use it?

    but any, here's the charts if it helps

    i think you'll just get to 70

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    If you add both numbers together, you get the total amount of experience to level a normal character from 10 to 70, 6,209,087. Since a Cygnus automatically starts with 10% EXP every level, they essentially need 90% of the normal experience, so you take the 6.2m number and multiply by 0.9, which is 5,588,179, rounded up, and then you subtract the values of each individual potion, so 5,588,179 - 116,916 = 5,471,263, then 5,471,263 - 6,092,171 = -620,908, which means after getting your Cygnus to 70, assuming you're doing it from level 10. You'd be left with 620k EXP, the exp required to level from 70 to 71 is ~480k, same for 71 to 72 (960k total), assuming you're trying to get your Demon Slayer to 72 with the potion, you'd only be able to get to 71, and you'll need another 340k exp to get to 72.

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    Thanks! Thread may be closed now.

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    not psychic



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