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    Now, I don't want to try to sound like i'm selling something because this program is free, but I've been using game booster for 2 weeks(ish) now and it's probably my favorite thing I've downloaded.

    all it is, is a simple program that lets you pick and choose processes to shut off or keep on to allow more of your computers memory to focus on your game. There's even a "game box" mode that allows you to launch your game from game booster and it will throw extra amounts of your computers memory to the game.

    The things it shuts off by default are stuff that you honestly don't need turned on all the time like windows updater.

    and here's a video

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    Whats different than using this over the Windows Task manager? (In case you use windows of course)

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    Never really found a use for this program IMO...

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    I usually have my computer running the minimum processes anyways...

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    RAM is rarely the limiting factor on gaming performance these days. It's cheap as hell. You can get 3x4GB sticks for something like $60-$70. I only have 4GB ram and I can easily run a game like Starcraft II while I have iTunes, Steam, 10+ tabs on Firefox, Pidgin, and Skype open. If your computer is capable of running modern games, it probably has enough RAM, so this program is pretty much useless.

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    IGN: xxxxFenixR
    Server: Bera
    Level: Mix
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    Unless you are playing minecraft too *Ba dum tsk*

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    yah.. how does starcraft 2 run easily but minecraft lags like hell?

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    Notch, that's how.

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    My usual problem with my laptop is overheating because of graphics. I really should buy one of those cooling plates you put your laptop on.

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    I play on a laptop that's 3 years old so I can't run games all that well (hence the loving game booster). You definitely do want a cooling mat. They're pretty awesome.

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    That's like asking why WoW runs smoothly, yet Maple lags / crashes on a daily basis lol

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    Because instead of coding everything to run super smooth they take KMS's content throw in some of their own cash shop info then wrap it up with celotape and hope it holds for a month, Server maitainances are only to add a few more strips of celotape. And thats why we love maplestory !

    I use gamebooster myself (mostly for the gamebox function) :D

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    I used to use this on my laptop when playing games, but since getting a pc i still have it but haven't needed to use it.

    It was good on my laptop though.

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    Because Minecraft is poorly optimized and hogs insane amounts of RAM since it basically tries to perform continous operations on a giant cube of data at once.



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