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    Does anyone have an SS or seen one of these at all since they supposedly got put in? I think I've farmed 50~100 heart stones/gold flowers since the update and never seen a single one.

    - is there any other way to collect these in KMS?
    - Roughly how much are they in kms
    - any idea how rare they are in kms from flowers/stones?

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    I have been looking for them as well, and they seem to be following the nature of confusion fragments - ridiculously rare.

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    L>SS D:

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    Don't you need a Fearless Pendant, CHTP, and Blazing Sun Pendant to make in the first place? At that point, I'd give up because I don't recall it being THAT good to burn all those materials for it

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    Outdated recipe.

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    Correct. Even so, I would have still tried for it. This is the new recipe (Funny cause iAmFear said he knew about the change and said he would change it but he never changed it)

    - Wisdom Crystals x10
    - Pieces of Time x50
    - Shards of Chaos x50
    - Philospher's Stone x30
    - Ancient Essence x20

    Much easier except confusion fragments + primal essence are still rare as hell. I heard dream fragments did get an upped drop rate in gms so if that's true, then hopefully same happens to confusion frags + primal essence.



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